Wedding guest spots funny mistake in wedding itinerary

Wedding guest spots funny mistake in wedding itinerary

December 6, 2018

‘Auto correct wins again!’ Wedding guest spots a HILARIOUS mistake in a couple’s ceremony itinerary – which accidentally listed hors d’oeuvres as something VERY different

  • An image of the entertaining wedding itinerary was shared on Instagram page Awkward Family Photos 
  • The post has already received over 6,000 likes and nearly 500 comments 
  • Although it is unclear where the wedding was held, the newlyweds were named Theresa and Jason, according to the image  

It isn’t every day that you get told you’ll be eating horse ovaries for lunch. And it’s even less likely that you’ll be asked to enjoy them at a wedding. 

However, that bizarrely was the case for the guests who attended a wedding in which hors d’oeuvres were misspelled as ‘horse ovaries’. 

Popular Instagram account Awkward Family Photos shared a photo of the wedding itinerary, that detailed that guests would be having horse ovaries at 3:30pm.

Oops! A wedding guest attending the wedding of a couple named Theresa and Jason noticed a hilarious mistake in the itinerary (pictured above) 

Wedding planning can be a stressful ordeal – from organizing the dresses, music, transport and above all, food. 

And usually by the time the day of the wedding finally arrives, everything has been a long time set in place. 

So you can imagine the surprise that the soon-to-be married Theresa and Jason felt when they saw that their wedding day itineraries had a major misspelling on them. 

The itinerary for the wedding began like any other regular wedding schedule. 

The first part of it read ‘Welcome to Theresa and Jason’s wedding’.

This was followed by the first activity of the day which detailed that wedding ceremony would begin at 3:00pm, and that all phones needed to be turned off. 

It was only when weddings guests read the second activity of the day that they would see that horse ovaries were on the menu. 

It read: ‘3:30pm. Horse Ovaries. Receiving Line.’

It is assumed that the second part of the itinerary was supposed to read hors d’oeuvres, which are small dishes usually served before the main meal of the day. 

Awkward Family Photos must have saw the funny side of it, as they shared it to their 545,000 Instagram followers on Tuesday. 

The caption read: ‘At a friends wedding. I can’t wait for 3:30!’ 

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Hold your horses! Guests at the wedding were shocked to find that the plan for 3:30pm at the wedding involved eating ‘horse ovaries’  

The post received over 6,000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

One Instagram user wrote: ‘Auto correct wins again.’

Another user wrote: ‘Not sure how my wedding menu is going to top horse ovaries! Anyway I’ll have mine well done please.’ 

‘My spell check used to change hors d’oeuvres to “horses divorces” but horse ovaries is waaaay better,’ added another user. 

Another user commented, saying: ‘Horse ovaries. I say neighhh. Not even giddy-side up.’

Yikes! Awkward Family Photos often posts funny photos including this one (pictured) in which a baby has discovered a cat door 

‘True story… my cousin asked what horse day oovrays were on prom night,’ wrote another.  

And the horse ovaries weren’t the only thing that people were shocked about on the wedding itinerary. 

The fact that the couple requested the wedding to be ‘unplugged’, meaning that people couldn’t use their phones, also raised some conversations.  

One user commented on the post, saying: ‘Tbh I would normally keep off my phone out of respect anyway during a wedding but that “pretty please” request would have me taking photos of everything in sight – while eating some delicious horse ovaries of course.’ 

Another commented: ‘Also, who says you can’t have your phone? Give me a break. Spoken like a histrionic person. Yes. You are the center of my universe this evening. Nothing else matters.

‘If my kids have an accident and the sitter calls, it’ll have to wait. I’m busy fawning you and dining on horse ovaries.’  

‘Too bad you won’t have your phone to take pictures to post,’ another user joked.  

‘Not surprised that they banned cellphones. Horse ovaries are better when eaten off-public,’ added another user. 

Instagram page Awkward Family Photos often share funny wedding and family photos on their Instagram page that has a whopping 545,000 followers.

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