Viral hack for removing nail polish using a tampon divides TikTok users

Viral hack for removing nail polish using a tampon divides TikTok users

August 10, 2021

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TikTok users have been left stunned by one woman’s unusual method of removing nail polish – which involves using a tampon in the place of cotton wool!

TikTok user shared the viral video, in which she can be seen dipping a tampon in a nail varnish remover – similar to the Boots Rapid Removal Pump, £4 here.

She then uses the remover-soaked tampon to remove her polish, a bit like a giant cotton bud. And as you can see, it does the job pretty well.

The clip has really taken off, racking up more than 45,000 likes and hundreds of comments from mind-blown viewers.

Judging by said comments section, many users can’t wait to try the trick out for themselves.

"Game changer," one wrote, while another added, "That’s a really good tip if you just did your nails or don’t want to mess up your fingernails!!"

"Dude… this is so much easier," a third said, tagging a friend in the post to show them the nifty hack.

However, other users are less than enthusiastic about the hack, pointing out that it’s a kind of wasteful and expensive way to remove an old manicure, considering the price of tampons versus simple cotton wool pads and the environmental impact of the plastic involved.

"This is a good hack but please use the cardboard ones for this,” one user wrote in the comments section. “Save plastic where we can."

Another added, "Love the idea but tampons are way too expensive for me to do that," while a third wrote, "Do you know how expensive those are?"

It’s not the first bizarre beauty hack that’s taken off on TikTok, of course.

The app is an excellent place for discovering weird and wonderful beauty tips and time-saving hacks, from this kirby grip liner trick to this fake tan lip liner method. (Oh how many hours we’ve wasted scrolling through makeup tutorials and hair styling videos.)

However some dangerous hacks should definitely not be tried at home – we can’t unsee this awful teeth-bleaching trick, for instance.

Experts have also been quick to point out that a lot of the advice doing the rounds on the social media platform is from completely unqualified sources. We asked them to pick out the silliest and most harmful "tips" currently being dished out – here are the ones they think you should definitely avoid.

So what’s your view on the new nail-polish tampon hack? Does it get your full approval or do you think there are strings attached? Let us know!

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