Viewers left in tears by new Suranne Jones drama Maryland

Viewers left in tears by new Suranne Jones drama Maryland

May 23, 2023

New ITV drama Maryland makes viewers break down in tears within MINUTES – as fans claim ‘no one is more moving’ than Suranne Jones

  • The new ITV drama based in the Isle of Man lived up to the hype last night 
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ITVX’s new drama Maryland’s has left viewers in tears as it debuted last night. 

The drama stars Suranne Jones and Eve Best as Becca and Rosaline, two polar opposite sisters who are reunited when their mother is found dead on a beach on the Isle of Man. 

As they are forced to spent time with each other and work out their feelings of grief, the two estranged sisters reconnect as they untangle their mother’s web of secrets and uncover her double life. 

The first episode of the show aired live last night, while three episodes are already available on ITVX, and viewers had a lot of opinions about its first showing. 

Some said they were left in tears by the emotional starts to the episode, where the two sisters visit their grief-stricken father. 

New thriller Maryland, which stars Suranne Jones, pictured, and Eve Best as two estranged sisters, left viewers in tears as it premiered on ITV last night 

One viewers said they cried throughout all the episodes, which were released in bulk on ITVX as well 

In the first five minutes of the show, Becca and Rosaline’s mother is found dead by a bystander. 

Suranne’s character Becca gets a call as she is having breakfast with her husband and her children at home. 

The first person she calls is her sister Rosaline, who is having a breast exam in a hospital.

The two sisters have a painful conversation where Becca, who is trying to fight back tears, is confronted by a stoic Rosaline. 

Rosaline asks about their father, Richard, (played by Happy Valley’s George Costigan) and Becca admits she hasn’t been able to bring herself to tell him the news. 

Eventually, Becca goes home to her dad, where she finds him gardening, and breaks the news to him during an emotional scene where the father-of-two is reduced to silent tears. 

Richard runs to the kitchen to cry over the sink, where Becca goes to hug him and comfort him. 

This emotional start to the thriller struck a chord with viewers at home, who said they were left in tears. 

In the show, Suranne Jones plays Becca visits her father Richard, Happy Valley’s George Costigan, to break the news to him that his wife has died 

Rosaline, played by Eve, learns the news during a phone call with Becca after a hospital appointment

‘Oh my goodness. The letter. The ending. Watched all 3 episodes and cried 3 times! Brilliant story, beautifully filmed. Just love Suranne Jones to bits. Thank you,’ one said.

‘All I have to say about Maryland is: Hello fairies… And please give me a hundred more episodes,’ another wrote.

‘Loving Maryland so far and we’re only half way the episode, another said. 

‘Mo one is more moving than Suranne Jones… well, duh,’ one wrote. 

‘A strong opening episode of Maryland. Loving the way the sisters, are opening up. I love it,’ another said. 

‘Suranne and Eve are just fire together, battling one another for their Mother’s affection, memories when they need one another but can’t seem to find the time for each other,’ one wrote. 

The show begins as the body of Becca and Rosaline’s mother is found lifeless on a beach in the Isle of Man 

An emotional Becca breaks down in tears as she tells the news to her older sister over the phone

In another scene, Becca sits down with her father after telling him that her mother has been found dead 

Viewers were also shocked to see that Grease’s star Stockard Channing, 79, plays Becca and Rosaline’s mother’s best-friend Cathy, who fills the two daughters in on their 

‘When you start a new ITV drama and see the usual suspects in the credits, you don’t expect “and Stockard Channing” to pop up! Now this’ll be interesting,’ one wrote. 

‘LOVE seeing Stockard Channing on MaryLand. What a queen,’ another said.

‘Stockard Channing being in #maryland is very random, very gripping show though,’ one wrote. 

‘Stockard Channing still looks great,’ one gushed. 

Richard is overwhelmed with tears as he hears that his wife has died in the Isle of Man, and is comforted by Becca 

Stockard Channing makes a surprise appearance in the show as Cathy, the girls’ mother’s best-friend 

The show’s emotional start struck a chord with viewers at home, who said they were left crying 

The show, co-created by Suranne Jones herself and directed by Sue Tully, has been much anticipated. 

Over the show’s three episodes, Becca and Rosaline uncover their mother’s secret life, which included another house, a partner and a fortune on the Isle of Man that they knew nothing about. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail’s weekend magazine, Suranne, who is more used to strong women roles in dramas such as Dr Foster and Vigil, said: ‘I could have played either of the sisters but I went for the younger one because she’s dragged along by events rather than being all clued up and running the show in the way that some of my recent TV characters have been.

‘Amy Silva in Vigil and Anne Lister in Gentleman Jack were confident and on the front foot, whereas Becca is wound up and stressed in episode one – but slowly unwinds in episodes two and three,’ she added. 



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