Um…Wonho's Shower Singing Is Next Level

Um…Wonho's Shower Singing Is Next Level

May 10, 2021

Ready to fall into a literal trance? Press play on this new episode of Singing in the Shower. The K-pop singer Wonho joined us from his hella serene-looking tub to absolutely *serenade.* From this moment forward I believe this is should be the go-to setting for all of his live shows. Lemme draft up that petition real quick.

His song choices were all bangers, ’cause duh he has taste. He kicked things off with a cover of ‘I Love You’ by Billie Eilish (someone who he says is his dream collaborator BTW!) Then he did a couple of his own tracks, including ‘Ain’t About You’ & ‘Lose.’ All that was missing was the iconic choreography he’s known to whip out. Fair enough given the fact that, ya know, he’s in the bathtub.

Trust and believe that the lack of dancing did not detract from the performance value in any way. Wonho served us with top-tier vocals! You’ve gotta watch the entire vid to hear all the angelic singing.

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