UK’s most extravagant sofa has been designed – which even has a button to change colour

UK’s most extravagant sofa has been designed – which even has a button to change colour

July 27, 2022

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It comes after a poll of 2,000 adults revealed what their dream sofa would be, with totally stain-proof from anything pets, kids and spillages could throw at it, a key attribute.

While 16 percent would like their ultimate couch to contain a built-in foot massager, another 13 percent long for a system which automatically dims the lights when it recognises you’ve nodded off in front of the TV.

Jennifer Fellows, customer insight manager at the sofa brand Sofology, which commissioned the research and put together the ambitious idea, said: “This elaborate sofa would probably cost an arm and a leg to build for real.

“But our team had a huge amount of fun mocking it up to combine everything Brits would like to see in the ideal sofa.

“Our expert designers are always looking to create innovative ideas for those perfect moments on the sofa, and this could be the world’s most elaborate piece of furniture yet.

“Of course, the key element of any sofa is comfort. If it’s not lovely to sit on, then no amount of popcorn machines or disco balls can save it.”

The study also found the average adult would be willing to part with nearly £1,500 to get their dream sofa – but on average, spent just over £900 on the one they’ve currently got.

Those longing for a new sofa say the main reason is that their current furniture is not comfortable enough, while others think it’s “old” or simply needs replacing through wear and tear.

But 14 percent worry their sofa doesn’t really “represent” them and their personality, so needs an update.

More than a third (34 percent), believe a sofa is the single most integral part of a living room, tying the whole room together.

And 63 percent have nodded off on the furniture, 57 percent have had their dinner on it, and 34 percent have had an amorous encounter.

Despite this, 37 percent have bought a sofa online without giving it a test-sit first, and 32 percent admitted they’ve picked one based on style, rather than comfort.

Jennifer Fellows added: “We all want a sofa that not only looks brilliant, but is the final piece, to complete our front room jigsaw.

“People want their sofas to be built to last, and that’s why we encourage all our customers to spend time finding the right one.

“Our results found adults only change their sofa every seven years, so if you make a bad choice, you’re seemingly stuck with it for a long time.

“Part of the reason we commissioned this research because of our mission to help customers feel at home on a sofa that they love.”


  1. It is spillage resistant
  2. Impossible to stain by pets, children or spillages
  3. It is self-cleaning
  4. It folds out into a bed (which is actually comfortable)
  5. Cools down when it’s too warm
  6. Has a holder for remote controls
  7. Has a built-in neck massager
  8. Heated seat pads
  9. It has a fold away tray to eat off
  10. Increases or decreases in size depending on the number of people
  11. Has a built-in foot massager
  12. Can move around the room on wheels
  13. Fat burning massager
  14. Can change colour
  15. Built-in duvet
  16. It automatically turns the lights off if you fall asleep in front of the TV
  17. Can change material
  18. Converts into a double decker sofa for more guests
  19. Smart speaker built-in
  20. Surround sound television speakers built-in
  21. Has a built-in hand massager
  22. It is voice controlled (Hey sofa, please recline…)
  23. Ability to be used outdoors when the weather is nice
  24. Has built-in light switches
  25. Built-in fridge
  26. Mini gym – leg raiser/arm pulls
  27. 4D experience for watching films
  28. Has a built-in tablet
  29. Automatically opens the front door so the delivery driver can bring your takeaway to you
  30. It can pour beer / wine / soft drinks

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