Twitter users stunned by snap of Scottish beach taken in March

Twitter users stunned by snap of Scottish beach taken in March

April 5, 2019

Better than the Caribbean! Twitter users are left stunned as a heavenly photo of an white sandy beach and blue skies turns out to be a SCOTTISH island

  • Malcolm Robertson, a photographer from Edinburgh, shared the snap
  • The father of two called the beach on island Iona, ‘better than the Caribbean’ 
  • Thousands responded to the photographer, praising the beauty of Scotland 
  • One user wrote ‘Gonna cancel my honeymoon to St Lucia and get on the sleeper’ 
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Thousands of Twitter users have been left stunned by a photograph of a heavenly, white sandy beach – when the photographer revealed it is not in the Caribbean, but on a Scottish island.

Malcolm Robertson, from Edinburgh, took to Twitter to share the snap taken a few days ago, which has had over 5,000 likes since he posted it. 

The father of two wrote: ‘It’s not the Caribbean. It’s better than that. It’s Scotland, this morning.’

Many responded to the photographer, praising the beauty of Scotland, with one jokingly writing: ‘Gonna cancel my honeymoon to St Lucia in two weeks and get on the sleeper.’

Thousands responded to Malcolm Robertson’s incredible photograph of the Scottish beach, which is on the island of Iona (@malcolmrobertson)

‘Stunning! All that beach needs now is a handsome Scot telling me his arms are open, and I’m there,’ another user wrote.

Others were quick to point out that a Caribbean island may be a little warmer than the Scottish beach, with several asking how cold the weather was.

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‘Does it matter that the layers are on – hats, gloves and scarfs?’ one user exclaimed, ‘It’s glorious sunshine and a view you can’t beat.’

Another seemed a little less enthusiastic, commenting: ‘Fierce winds, midgies, heavy rain are missing from this picture. On a typical summers day you can expect all three.’

Other users were quick to celebrate the stunning snap, with one jokingly commenting they were about to cancel their holiday to the Caribbean in favour of the Scottish island 

They went on: ‘Note there no people on this beach. There’s a reason for that.’ 

But others were quick to defend the Scottish island, with one user replying: ‘I’ve been and its stunning.’

The user continued: ‘Also been to the outer and inner Hebrides for 2 weeks in May and 2 weeks in September for the last five years and rarely had rain or been bothered by midges.’

Iona is small island in the Inner Hebrides off the Ross of Mull on the western coast of Scotland.

Other users were quick to comment that the beach was likely freezing, although it was actually around 8 degrees 

It’s renowned for it’s white sandy beaches, although isn’t often not blessed with Caribbean temperatures.

The beautiful photograph was taken at the North End of Iona looking to Traigh Bhan Nam Monach. The view is also known as ‘the white strand of the monks’.

Robertson, a Scottish father of two, regularly posts pictures of Scotland onto Instagram (@malcolmrobertson), and responded to other users to say that the temperature ‘wasn’t bad actually’.  

Fans of the photograph praised the island beach, with one calling the Scotland ‘truly magnificent’ 

When one user commented jokingly they planned to cancel their honeymoon on a Caribbean island and head to Scotland instead, the photographer replied:’Do it – the water’s just as warm here too.’ 

It was compared by some to tropical Caribbean beaches, although lacked the palm trees. 

‘Shh, don’t tell everyone,’ one user wrote, while another commented: ‘Scotland is truly magnificent in its entirety.’  

Another wrote: ‘Iona is one of the loveliest isles, colours can just be stunning.’ 

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