Twitter users share funny millennial Christmas traditions

Twitter users share funny millennial Christmas traditions

December 17, 2018

Have yourself a very millennial Christmas! Twitter users mock the generation by thinking up spoof festive traditions for them – from ‘leaving avocado toast for Santa’ to ‘using GoFundMe for gifts’

  • The thread, which sees Twitter users sharing some of the new millennial Christmas traditions, began on Wednesday 
  • New York-based Twitter page and online game @MidweekMinute shared the hashtag #millennialchristmastraditions
  • Hundreds of users jumped aboard the bandwagon and began sharing what they thought were some of the funnier millennial Christmas traditions 
  • Some included ‘finding the hidden avocado ornament’ on the Christmas tree, and ‘getting drunk on cage-free eggnog’ 

It’s no secret that Generation-Y are changing things up a lot.  

And when it comes to Christmas, millennials aren’t afraid to challenge classic holiday traditions and turn them into something a bit more, well, millennial. 

Twitter page @MidweekMinute shared the hashtag #millennialchristmastraditions on Wednesday, and hundreds of users responded with hilarious modern takes on classic Christmas customs. 

Festive fun: Twitter users are thinking up hilarious Christmas traditions for millennials as part of a witty hashtag

A modern Christmas tree: Could healthy festive treats wipe out some festive classics like mince pies and Christmas pudding? 

The hashtag took off when hashtag game @MidweekMinute shared it on Wednesday morning. 

Tweets flooded in from millennials giving their two cents on how the generation is changing up the holiday season. 

And unsurprisingly, avocados were a hot topic of conversation.

One user under the name @clmsntgr suggested ‘leaving avocado toast out for Santa’.

‘Avocados in place of Oranges in your stocking,’ user @Toad_ina_Tophat added. 

Another user, @fivefortweeting tweeted, saying: ‘Instead of Ornaments you hang Orangic Avocado Seeds.’

‘Decorating the Christmas Avocado Tree,’ added user @baroquerw. 

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Just millennial things: Some Twitter users suggested leaving avocado toast out for Santa on Christmas Eve, while others wrote about baking vegan cookies 

 Starting it off: The thread was started by the account @MidweekMinute

Other food-inspired suggestions for millennial Christmas traditions included eggnog, Starbucks and vegan and gluten-free recipes. 

Twitter user @jasonlefthand wrote: ‘Gluten-free cookies for Santa,’ while another similarly wrote: ‘

‘Kissing under the Kale or Cilantro …’ was another suggestion for a Generation-Y Christmas activity given by user @PLBthetoonist.

Others decided to hone in on the common presumption that millennials tend to struggle financially. 

One user, under the name @wrote: ‘Constructing affordable gingerbread houses’, while user @yeetyeet_ said: ‘Asking for gift receipts so you can returned them.’

‘Signing over that check from Grandma to pay student loans…’ added user @HeisenbergLab.   

Too far? A number of users made fun of the fact that millennials are often thought to struggle financially, with many struggling to pay back student loans 

User @jessiejess1228 said: ‘Holiday shopping at the dollar store, cuz that’s all you can afford.’ 

‘Exchanging gift ideas because gifts are not in the budget this year,’ added @bigdweeb. 

Others simply mocked the general idea of having a Gen-Y-themed Christmas. 

And technology was a common factor seemed to pop up over and over again.  

‘Vaping’ around the Christmas tree, putting iPhones at the top of the tree and downloading the Christmas tree via Apple TV and decorating it with GIFs rather than gifts, were among the many responses.

One user @craigflynn1 wrote: ‘Blogging around the Christmas tree.’ 

The age of technology: ‘Blogging around the Christmas tree’ was Tweeted by one user, as many mocked millennials for being technology-obsessed  

Another, @DaSkrambledEgg, added: ‘Cozying up next to the Kindle Fire.’

A different witty user @ogamyb, said: ‘Caroling on WhatsApp.’ 

And while many Tweets made reference to food, student loans, financial difficulty and technology-related activities, others opted to joke about the general attitude associated with millennials.

Various users made reference to the the sensitivity of millennials who are offended by different jokes or ideas. 

Twitter user @SkodaTodd wrote: ‘Constantly complaining how Mom and Dad decorate the Christmas tree.’ 

‘Trying to make a joke that doesn’t offend anyone,’ added user @saizowleon.

Another user, under the name @angcalabrese wrote: ‘nothing because everything offends them.’

Gen-Y: One witty user suggested that millennials ‘go to a safe room on Christmas Eve night’ so Santa won’t ‘object to any of their opinions’

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