‘Turning point’ in Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s relationship spotted by expert

‘Turning point’ in Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s relationship spotted by expert

August 2, 2022

Prince William comforts tired Princess Charlotte during Jubilee

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Princess Charlotte joined Kate Middleton and Prince William for an appearance at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham earlier today. This is the first time the fourth in line to the throne has accompanied her parents to a public event, usually, if any of the Cambridge children attend, it is Prince George. Express.co.uk spoke to body language expert Judi James about the interactions between mother and daughter. 

Judi said: “Kate goes to great lengths here to engage and inform her daughter Charlotte.” 

The expert explained how the Duchess of Cambridge uses “some very expressive gesticulation in what looks like a bid to build her enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement for the sport they are watching”. 

“But judging from Charlotte’s facial expressions and body language, Kate could soon become redundant in this role and start to just sit back and relax in public, as Charlotte looks the most enthralled member of the entire royal party.

“There’s a point in every parent-child relationship where there is a sense of friendship growing out of the nurturing role. 

“This happens when the parent begins to enjoy the communication and shared fun as much as the child, and this looks like that kind of turning point in Kate and Charlotte’s relationship.

“There’s a growing sense of like-minded enjoyment between Kate and her daughter here as well as between Charlotte and her dad William.”

Photographs from the event show Charlotte pulling some funny faces at times. 

One moment she was open-eyed and biting her bottom lip, whilst clasping her hands, another she had puffed her cheeks out as Prince William spoke to her. 

Judi spoke about these moments and said: “Charlotte’s tongue-poking and wide-eyed expressions suggest a similar passion for sport as her older brother. 

“She is looking as animated and spontaneous in her enjoyment as George, too.

“Kate leans towards her daughter to communicate and her eye-checking suggests she is still on hand to nudge or inspire if necessary. 

“But in the end, they are almost enjoying what they are watching as equals.” 

Judi continued: “Charlotte’s royal social etiquette skills seem to be coming on a pace, too. 

“With Kate using one hand to both introduce and cue her daughter, Charlotte appears far more confident moving forward to shake hands and even chat. 

“Her eye contact with the competitor shows little sign of shyness now and her smile is looking natural and relaxed, as though she is happily getting the hang of her meet and greets.” 

Royal fans noticed how well behaved – and at times, spirited, Princess Charlotte was. 

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Princess Charlotte is giving her brother Louis a run for his money with these expressions today.” 

A second wrote: “#PrincessCharlotte is sooo adorable. The pics from the #CommonwealthGames2022 this morning are brilliant. She’s a little ray of sunshine.” 

“Princess Charlotte looks darling! (As always),” someone else commented.

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