Tom Hanks’ ‘Washington Post’ Commercial At The 2019 Super Bowl Was So, So Emotional

Tom Hanks’ ‘Washington Post’ Commercial At The 2019 Super Bowl Was So, So Emotional

February 4, 2019

While the actual Super Bowl game game may have been — well — somewhat uneventful this year, the commercials have been top notch, in my personal opinion. Some of the ads have been absolutely hilarious, while others have been a little creepy and unnerving. Washington Post‘s Super Bowl commercial, however, was incredibly deep, and it totally made me tear up. If you haven’t already watched Tom Hanks’ Washington Post commercial at the 2019 Super Bowl, it was totally worth watching.

Major media company, The Washington Post, aired their first-ever Super Bowl ad, and let me tell you: it was a real tear-jerker. The narration described the significance of journalism and the adversities that writers and journalists often face in the world of news. It shows a variety of scenes from major news events starting all the way back from World War II, leading up to the present day. It highlights the first lunar landing, 9/11, and the California wildfires, along with several other significant historical events. The commercial lasted for a full 60 seconds, and it was entirely narrated by none other than Castaway and Forest Gump star, Tom Hanks. Watch it for yourself in the clip, below.

WOW, that so good, right? I felt like the message was incredibly genuine and the clips were so, so beautiful. I — personally — am so impressed by every second of it.

Obviously, Twitter was in awe after watching this heart-warming commercial. Take a look at each and every reaction, below.

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