Toe curling! The most inappropriate messages people have sent

Toe curling! The most inappropriate messages people have sent

April 8, 2022

Put the phone down! These badly-judged texts would be better off unsent – from asking someone whose grandma just died for saucy photos to comparing a date to Ted Bundy

  • Messages sent by people in the US and UK range from naive to downright rude
  • One of the texts, collated by Bored Panda, asks a bereaved person for nude pics 
  • Another text features someone mistaking an urn of ashes for a card game 

You may have received (or sent) some inappropriate messages in your time, but hopefully none are as toe-curling as these ones.

The messages sent by people in the US and UK, and collated into a hilarious (and awkward) gallery by Bored Panda, range from naive to downright rude.

One of messages shows someone asking for rude photographs from the person they’re texting – just after consoling them over the death of their grandma.

Another tells their online dating match that they look just like an ‘ethnic’ Ted Bundy, one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the cringiest and most inappropriate messages of all time… 

There are several reasons why it’s not a good idea to drink to excess then text people. Usually, people make fools of themselves. This texter managed to look stupid and hurt someone’s feelings

As clearly demonstrated by this simple response, sometimes the most cutting messages are the simplest, and the shortest

Being told you look like one of the world’s most notorious serial killers is not the message most people want to receive after sharing a picture of themselves on a dating app…

This UK texter may have thought they were being considerate by sending condolences to the recipient for their recent bereavement, but following that up with a response for lewd pictures makes this messages one of the cringiest ever sent

An unwelcome text from an ex, made all the worse, when it unwittingly reveals to the recipient that much-loved actor Betty White has died

Not only did the sender of this message send the same thing to 40 different people in an effort to receive as many responses as possible, but when they got caught out over it, they bragged about it, calling themselves a ‘king’

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When you put your heart and soul into cooking a meal…this man thought he had done a good job in the kitchen, until he saw a text from his girlfriend’s mother, suggesting that his girlfriend was not a fan of his cooking

This person opened up their heart to share their grief over the death of their dog, revealing they were bringing the animal’s ashes home…only to receive a message from someone who thought the urn was a box of Uno cards

In this case, it wasn’t so much the message the recipient received that was most upsetting, but how it compared to everyone else’s. Can’t win them all

Sometimes, it seems, it’s not the messages that are cringy, so much as the lack thereof. Poor Gary – seems like this app wanted to kick him while he was already down

This US texter was probably pretty surprised to receive a message instructing her not to wear makeup. The cringy follow-ups made it pretty clear why her insecure friend made the request

Whoever sent this text, accidentally delivered it to the wrong person, who then shared it so everyone could see how incredibly creepy it is

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