TI’s Ex-Mistress Bernice Burgos Reportedly Wants Another Man Just Like TI, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

TI’s Ex-Mistress Bernice Burgos Reportedly Wants Another Man Just Like TI, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

January 13, 2019

T.I. may be married to Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle but over the past couple of years, she hasn’t been the only woman he’s been romantically linked to. Tons of reports have suggested the famed Atlanta rapper dated Instagram model Bernice Burgos for quite some time while he and Tiny were separated.

As T.I. and Tiny struggled to decide if they’d reconcile their marriage or go their separate ways, T.I. was reportedly dating Bernice. In fact, the relationship reportedly wasn’t a secret because T.I. had been spotted in public with Bernice on numerous occasions. The striking model had also received an array of expensive gifts and even a luxury vehicle from the “Whatever You Like” rapper. Even though T.I. has decided to reconcile with Tiny and he and Bernice have gone their separate ways, an insider claims Bernice isn’t exactly over T.I.

According to Hollywood Life, an insider close to Bernice Burgos has revealed how she’s dealing with being away from T.I. Apparently, she still hasn’t gotten over him.

“Bernice has never gotten over T.I., she thinks about him all the time and still has a crush on him. That’s why she feels like, if she can’t have him, she wants someone just like him. Bernice is looking for a sexy, successful rapper or even an athlete that will treat her like a princess, the way she feels she deserves to be treated.”

It’s no secret Bernice posts lots of strikingly beautiful photos on Instagram, but the insider claims there’s a reason for the photos. She’s reportedly still trying to capture T.I.’s attention. Although she is interested in moving forward with someone else, the insider claims she still has eyes for T.I. In fact, she’s reportedly hoping her next man is relatively similar to T.I. He’s been at the center of numerous cheating scandals but according to the insider, Bernice felt T.I. was a “loyal guy.”

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“Even though she knows they can’t be together, Bernice still posts sexy pics on her social media all the time hoping T.I. is watching,” the insider continued.

“Bernice feels like she can only hope that if she keeps posting sexy pics, she will find her own loyal guy one day just like Tiny found T.I.”

T.I. reportedly dated Bernice Burgos between 2017 and 2018. Initially, the dating reports were nothing more than rumors but even Tiny confirmed T.I. was seeing Bernice. Since she and T.I. have reconciled, their biggest marital challenge reportedly centers on their trust issues. But despite the challenges they’ve faced, according to Celebrity Insider, it has been confirmed that T.I. and Tiny are now moving in the right direction.

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