Tinder conversations with ‘soft boys’ goes viral

Tinder conversations with ‘soft boys’ goes viral

January 10, 2019

‘I saw your energy in a dreamscape’: Hilarious Instagram account documents single men’s VERY earnest attempts to woo potential dates

  • A Manchester student has been collating dating conversations on Instagram
  • The account beam_me_up_softboi features cringeworthy interactions 
  • Over 86,000 people have begun following the hilarious account
  • In one instance a messenger claimed to sense a woman rather than notice her
  • Another went on a strange tangent whilst explaining what he dreamt  

While most people like to begin conversations on dating apps about basics such as jobs and hobbies, some like to stand out by taking a more intense approach.  

Contributors from around the world have been submitting their most awkward conversations from Tinder and other social media platforms to the Instagram account beam_me_up_softboi. 

Set up by Manchester student Iona, she coined the phrase ‘softboy’ to describe  tactics used by men who want to appear like ‘good guys’, even if the reality is rather different. 

‘A softboy is the guy on Tinder who chain-smokes rollies (this is a big part of his personality), quotes David Lynch’s filmography, and is definitely, really, 100 per cent a staunch feminist,’ she told Dazed. 

‘The softboy lures you in with seemingly interesting conversation, a “good guy” attitude and his speeches about gender equality – cool! – before eventually needing some time to “figure himself out”, then ghosting you, all the while continuing to watch all of your Instagram stories.

An Instagram account featuring cringeworthy online dating conversations has gained over 86,000 followers. One woman shared her conversation with a man who claimed to have dreamed about her

Her Instagram account which has over 86,000 followers features conversations including men questioning women’s interest in music and culture.

Another said he’d been dreaming about his potential love interest before they had even met, while another claimed to have ‘sensed’ his match before they connected online. 

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In one instance a man claimed to have crashed his boat just days after trying to lure his date to listen to music with him on board.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up a selection of the most cringeworthy ‘soft boy’ interactions.

Who knew that listening to music required instructions? A woman who was advised on how she should be consuming her favourite  tunes by an admirer 

Profound: Asking where someone lives is a fairly standard question when you’re getting to know them, but one man took things deeper  

Getting philosophical: This guy cerntainly seems confused about who he really is and finished his tirade by suggesting he exit the conversation 

Not plain sailing! A woman who was surprised her date had a boat and was keen to pay a visit was told the vessel had crashed just days later

A sixth sense? One woman questioned her date’s choice of words after he claimed to have ‘sensed’ her rather than noticed her

Another received a paragraph of explanations after wishing her date goodnight, detailing how he was intending to stay awake and enjoy sensory experiences 

A student who was unable to meet her date due to university commitments ended up being called a ‘strange creature’ 

One person shared the follow up series of questions they received after failing to respond to a message days earlier

Another individual was lost for words after the person they matched with online began offering to worship them

 One person was advised to try and treat their depression with nature after opening up about their mental health 

A man who was fed up of not receiving responses to his messages shared plans to erase the woman he had been speaking to 

One person shared the unnerving message they received after matching with a potential date

Another shared the heated reaction they received for not wanting to stay in contact with a man who began randomly messaging

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