TikTok user faces backlash after video pretending to beat spouse with belt

TikTok user faces backlash after video pretending to beat spouse with belt

August 11, 2020

A British TikTok user is feeling the heat online after sharing a tone-deaf video in which he pretends to drunkenly beat his spouse with a belt.

In the clip, which currently boasts over 770,000 views, Jamie Mawson acts out “coming home to the mrs,” wearing a bathrobe and digitally added glasses, after a night of boozing. The influencer staggers into the house and calls his mock missus a “spastic” (British slang for a stupid, clumsy person) before commenting that he’s had a great night out.

However, the mood shifts when Mawson’s wife character realizes he’s “been drinking Stella all night,” which prompts him to remove his belt and swing it at the camera while an unknown party — presumably meant to be his spouse — screams off-screen.

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Needless to say, the social-media masses weren’t thrilled with Mawson making spousal abuse a punchline.

“Sad you get your likes making fun of domestic violence,” lamented one commenter. “I really hope nobody close to you has experienced this and watches your video!”

“Why am I on this side of TikTok,” said another. “Also abuse isn’t funny.”

However, others found Mawson’s ill-conceived sketch hilarious.

“That scream at the end got me wheezing,” said one fan.

“Think ave [sic] fell in love” gushed another.

This isn’t the first time Mawson, who brags about being banned from TikTok in his bio, has made light of a taboo topic. Other sordid clips depict him joking about everything from killing women to raping children.

Unfortunately, the skits seem par for the course for the controversial platform, which recently came under fire after a Nazi-themed song accumulated over 6.5 million views across hundreds of clips before being removed by the app.

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