Three-Year-Old Boy Dies Inside A Washing Machine After Older Sibling Pushes Him Into The Drum

Three-Year-Old Boy Dies Inside A Washing Machine After Older Sibling Pushes Him Into The Drum

December 16, 2018

In a tragic incident that took place in Gubkinskyi, Russia, a 3-year-old boy died of suffocation after being trapped inside a washing machine after the child’s older sibling shut him inside.

The parents of the kids were sleeping while the two children played together. However, they woke up and found their 3-year-old boy’s cot empty. According to a report by the Daily Mail, reports from Gubkinskyi in Yamalo-Nenets region said that the couple’s elder child helped the baby out of his cot.

It is believed that while the two children were playing, the elder child shut the younger one in the washing machine as part of their game.

The report quoted Elena Demyanova, a law enforcement officer, who gave details of the investigations and said that when the couple woke up, they “found their son in the washing machine.”

The cause of the boy’s death was established as asphyxia, a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death.

Investigations into the tragic incident are underway, the report said.

This is the second incident of a child dying inside a washing machine in Russia within the past 10 days. As the Inquisitr earlier reported, a 9-year-old boy also passed away after being trapped inside a washing machine in the Kamchatka region of the country.

As the report detailed, the boy was alone at home when the incident happened. An autopsy of the body revealed “marks and wounds on the elbows that suggested that the boy made a desperate attempt to escape from the drum of the machine.”

The mother of the deceased boy told investigators that she had made a phone call to her son at 3 p.m., after he had returned from school, to inquire if he had reached home safely and she was assured that the boy was fine, the report said. However, when she arrived home at around 6 p.m., she found her boy’s body trapped inside the washing machine with no signs of life.

Investigators couldn’t find any evidence of intrusion into the house and suspected that the boy climbed into the drum himself before locking himself inside.

Children dying after being trapped in washing machines is not uncommon. As the report further detailed, in 2015, a similar tragedy took place in Arkansas, where a 3-year-old boy climbed into the drum of a washing machine and locked himself inside. He died of suffocation.

Per a report by Russia Today, the mother of the child, identified as Brooke Haney, was “charged with two felonies of endangering the welfare of a minor for two 2015 incidents.”

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