Thousands stumped over this bizarre op shop item

Thousands stumped over this bizarre op shop item

April 5, 2022

Thousands are stumped after shopper stumbles across a ‘bizarre’ glass op shop buy: ‘I have to know what this is’

  • A young woman has been left stumped over rare op-shop find she had to have
  • She posted three pictures of the small glass object on Facebook to get an ID
  • It was quickly revealed to be a tiny vase for a single flower like an orchid

A young woman has revealed how she ‘just had to buy’ a mysterious glass treasure from the op-shop after it left her ‘completely stumped’.

And she wasn’t the only one left confused by the purpose of the petit glass instrument with many people wrongly guessing it to be a medical device.

Posting on an op-shop Facebook group the woman’s mystery was finally solved – the pretty glass instrument is a vase for a single bloom. 

A woman has taken to Facebook to work out the purpose for this glass object

The woman posted three pictures of the tiny vase next to a 50c piece to give people a good idea of just how petit it is. 

Hundreds of people commented on the post putting their two-cents worth in but most agreed it to be a bud vase. 

‘It is a corsage vase for live flowers, I have a couple of decorated one’s passed through the family,’ one woman said.

And others quickly agreed, helping to solve the woman’s mystery.

‘I used to have one of these and it was definitely sold to me as a bud vase,’ one woman said. 

‘It is a tiny vase. I had a glass one that you could pin on your top you were wearing. A little water and a tiny ‘real’ flower in was a delight.’

The object is a tiny vase for a single flower like an orchid. People incorrectly guessed it to be a stemless port sipper

What were the top five incorrect guesses? 

1 – A medical device for pap smears

2 – A portable female urinal

3 – An artificial insemination device

4 – A port sipper

5 – A tooth-pick holder

But others also had their say, making wild, incorrect guesses as to the purpose of the tiny glass ornament.

‘It looks like an old-school she-wee,’ one woman said, referring to the portable women’s urinals.

‘It just looks like the glass blower was a little tipsy,’ exclaimed another.

‘Looks like a glass version of the torture contraption when getting a pap smear,’ one woman suggested.

The original poster said she took the piece home and her partner guessed it was an incense holder.

Where she thought it could be ‘something medical’ as did others on the popular thread.

‘Long shot. But maybe Artificial insemination. Just saying, you asked. There are so many weird and wacky medical things,’ one woman said.

While others joked it could be a mini gravy boat, toothpick holder or shaving brush holder.

The second most-popular guess was that the item was some kind of stem-less port sipper. 

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