Thousands of people receive Burger King receipt despite not placing an order

Thousands of people receive Burger King receipt despite not placing an order

August 10, 2022

Burger King is aware of an issue which involves Brits receiving a blank receipt from the giant.

Customers were left baffled after receiving emails from the fast food chain, despite not making an order.

People woke up to find the mystery email in their inbox at around 5:15am on Wednesday morning.

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Although the receipt features no food items or a price to pay, it read: "Your order will be ready to be picked up at Burger King.

"While you're waiting for your food, let us know how you liked ordering online. It'll help us make the experience even better."

Brits feared their accounts had been hacked so checked their online balance, but luckily nothing had been taken out.

The electronic message is believed to have been sent by mistake.

Burger King has launched an internal investigation to discover the cause of the overnight error.

One person said: "Why did you send me a blank receipt in the middle of the night? You charging for dreams about Whoppers now?"

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Another added: "Not happy with getting this email this morning.

"You had me panicking thinking someone got into my account and got my card details. I had to go all charge all my passwords.

"I also checked my online banking app to see if any money was taken out but none was taken out."

The mistake was blamed on an "internal processing error".

A spokesperson told Daily Star: "We are aware of the issue, which was the result of an internal processing error."

It comes as Burger King launched a new gourmet burger and loaded fries on its menu.

The Gourmet Kings Farmhouse Burger features a 100% British and British Aberdeen Angus beef patty, which has been flame-grilled.

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