Thousands of Brits can't do any of these basic 20 DIY jobs… can YOU?

Thousands of Brits can't do any of these basic 20 DIY jobs… can YOU?

July 8, 2023

How many of these 20 basic DIY jobs can YOU do? More than a THIRD of Brits have no idea how to rewire plug, find stopcock or change a lightbulb

  • A survey by LV= found Brits fork out £284 a year on repairing botched DIY jobs

Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a boiler issue, simple home maintenance is something that was once taken for granted in millions of homes across the UK.   

But it seems a whopping 65% of Brits are now clueless when it comes to basic home DIY.

Data has also revealed that the average Brit spends £284 a year on paying for a  professional to sort out their botched DIY attempts.

Now, a nationwide poll found that 44% of people don’t know how to fix a leaky pipe while 41% don’t know where to find their stopcock – should they need to turn off their water supply in an emergency. 

Of the 2,000 people quizzed by LV= General Insurance, two fifths also did not know how to re-pressurise a boiler –  a must during those cold winter months.

Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a boiler issue, knowing how to keep your home running is key. But it turns out a whopping 65% of Brits are clueless when it comes to DIY home fixes

And almost a third (32%) have never checked the pressure of their boiler – even if they do know where it is.

When it comes to basic home DIY, more than a fifth (21%) of the nation admit they are useless when it comes to practical tasks, with 40% admitting they wouldn’t be able to wire the plug on an electrical device, and 34% having never even changed a lightbulb. 

Other key tasks Brits don’t know how to do are bleed a radiator (38%) and unblock a drain (32%).

But respondents also felt home improvement TV shows lull you into a false sense of security, making DIY look easy. 

This lack of home expertise can have other consequences, as almost half of respondents admitted issues around the house cause arguments between them and their partner.

A stopcock, one of the things Brits seemed to be most clueless about, is mostly found under the sink, but if you live in an older house it could be in any of the following places: 

  • In the back of a bathroom cupboard
  • Under the stairs
  • In the Hallway
  • Near the garage
  • In the airing cupboard
  • Around the boiler
  • Around the front door, behind a panel (not the most obvious of hiding places)

Martin Milliner, from LV= General Insurance said: ‘Our research has shown just how little we know about how our homes work, from bleeding a radiator to knowing what to do if there is burst pipe.

‘We know how much damage something like a leak can cause to our homes and the sooner you get to it, the less damage will be caused. 

‘The good news is knowing where simple things like your stopcock, fuse box and boiler are situated could help save you time and money.’

According to LV=, the average amount of damage caused by a water leak in the home is an eye-watering £4,000.

So understanding how things in your home work, and where they are, could save you money from having to shell out for repairs. 


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