Thousands of birds flock together in mesmerising murmumation

Thousands of birds flock together in mesmerising murmumation

September 20, 2022

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The murmuration nicknamed the Snettisham Spectacular is one of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife sights. It happens during the biggest high tides every autumn as knots arrive from Arctic Canada and Iceland for their winter roost.

Photographer Paul Goldstein captured the wading birds at the RSPB nature reserve at Snettisham near King’s Lynn.

The Wimbledon-based snapper says he has been there hundreds of times but is always intoxicated by the spectacle. He explained: “Several times a year vast murmurations of waders, particularly knots, perform magical formations and patterns over the Wash’s shallow waters in north Norfolk.

“When the early light catches thousands of wings simultaneously, combined with the haunting rustle of countless wingbeats, it is pretty close to avian witchcraft.”

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