This tower fan is a ‘lifesaver in the heat’ – and it’s less than £24

This tower fan is a ‘lifesaver in the heat’ – and it’s less than £24

July 16, 2021

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Every time there’s a heatwave, fans sell out across the country – especially the budget-friendly ones. This model by NETTA, the Mini Tower Fan, is one of Amazons best sellers and has been designed to cool down small rooms like bedrooms.

Buy: Amazon (£23.19)

You can place the tower fan on your desk, bedside table, or any other flat surface and it will provide a cool breeze that allows you to work, relax, and get to sleep comfortably.

The 85-degree oscillation in the fan also ensures the breeze is spread around the room in order to maintain an even airflow.

One happy customer said: “I am truly impressed by how amazing this little fan is.

“It really is quiet but does produce a lot of cold air and I’ve only had it on the first setting.

“I bought it ahead of the forecasted hottest day of the year fearing that I was going to swelter and suffer without something to cool me down, and this product did the job without issue”.

Buy: Amazon (£23.19)

The fan weighs in at just 1.45kg and comes with a handle, meaning it is truly portable and can be moved around the house to suit where needs to be cooled down.

The tower can stay with you in the home office during the day, come to the kitchen with you while you cook dinner, and then keep your bedroom cool throughout the night.

The fan has two settings, both of which are relatively quiet for a fan of this price.

For a truly silent fan, you’ll usually have to invest more than £23.19 – but reviewers say: “Isn’t silent but it’s also not the loudest fan I’ve ever had. I can’t see its volume causing problems with sleeping.”

Although the fan has been designed to be used to cool smaller spaces, some reviews mention using it in larger rooms and still reaping the benefits.

One said: “Bought this in preparation for the summer heat. Tried it out today as it was unseasonably warm and wow, I’m impressed”.

“This is a little powerhouse of a fan, honestly did not expect it to be this good.

“Using it in a large room and sitting at my desk about 10 feet away I can still feel a breeze”.

If the NETTA Mini Tower Fan sounds like just what you need to get through the upcoming heatwave, snap one up for yourself before it sells out on Amazon here.

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