This TikTok-famous water bottle has spawned a fresh hydration obsession

This TikTok-famous water bottle has spawned a fresh hydration obsession

August 18, 2023

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We don’t have to tell you how important it is to get enough hydration throughout the day.

And getting that all-important H20 is a lot easier when you have a brand spanking new water bottle that feels like a stylish accessory and something worth showing off at all times.

Which means you’re going to be better hydrated. You’re welcome.

Water bottles have come a long way and despite Owala being around for a lot longer than TikTok may suggest, fans are newly obsessed with its sleek appearance and handy features.

The Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle comes in a range of sizes from 24oz up and is crafted from insulated stainless steel, meaning it will keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool. The double-wall insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours, apparently.

It also has a handy spout *and* a straw, and a push-button lid with a lock to prevent any spillages. And not only that, but this nifty water bottle comes in a range of stylish colours like ‘Iced Breeze’ (pictured) and Shy Marshmallow, a chic off-white shade.

And the best news? Many of the colours, including Iced Breeze, are currently on sale starting from £26, with the 32oz reduced from £34.88 to £30.16.

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Olawa FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Fans have been quick to comment on how much they love this product, with thousands of positive ratings online and some calling it ‘the perfect water bottle’.

‘I’m always on the hunt for the perfect water bottle and this has been my favourite so far. The sip functionality works perfectly,’ wrote one happy shopper.

‘Keeps my drink cold for ages and does not leak in my bag. I’m on the lookout for a larger one now and a reasonable price.’

While another said: ‘I love my owala. The free sip straw is such a thoughtful and creative idea. Ideal for nurses as the straw is covered by the lid.

‘The handle makes it easy to carry and can be attached to bags and hooks if needed. Doesn’t leak no matter what position it’s in and keeps drinks ice cold for hours. You won’t regret buying this. It was well packaged and undamaged.’

And a third wrote: ‘i bought this bottle a few months ago and i still carry it everywhere i go today.

‘it is the best water bottle i’ve ever had, pop one ice cube in there and your drink will still be cold the next day, even when it’s really hot outside. the straw design is perfect and it never ever leaks. 11/10’

An OG fan wrote: ‘We have been Owala fans since we discovered their flip straw cap bottles last year. They were touted as being leak free, and while they largely were, we still had issues with them leaking.

‘But I still loved that you didn’t have to touch the spout to open it and it kept drinks cool, so we stayed with them.

‘One of our lids broke and I went in search of a replacement, only to find this new and improved version.

‘And it is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t have any of the silicone pieces that connected the straw to the lid, which made the old version much more difficult to clean thoroughly.

‘And this design is completely and totally leak free, has a removable straw with the option to free sip, and all the fun colors to boot (love that even the straws are colorful).’

High praise indeed!

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