This on sale adjustable pillow could give you a better night's sleep

This on sale adjustable pillow could give you a better night's sleep

September 5, 2022

For that great sleep feeling: Amazon shoppers say this adjustable pillow is giving them a ‘better night’s sleep’ – and it’s on sale for £30.59 for TWO

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A popular pillow helping Amazon shoppers fall asleep faster and get their best night’s sleep yet is now on sale for just £30.52 for a pack of two.

During the End of Summer Sale, the Sweetnight Pillows Pack of 2 are reduced by 32 per cent, meaning you can upgrade your bedding just in time for the new season. 

Unlike traditional pillows or typically stiff memory foam orthopaedic pillows, the Sweetnight Pillows have adjustable microfibre filling, allowing you to adjust the height by adding or removing filling to create better support for your neck. And shoppers have hailed them ‘perfect’.

Filled with ultrabounce hollowfibre filling, the Sweetnight Pillows provide support for the neck whilst giving you a plump comfort. 

The pillows are also height adjustable, so you can create your perfect pillow.  

Finding the perfect pillow is no mean feat, with plenty of obstacles to overcome to get the best night’s sleep. Too hard or too soft, the goldilocks complex definitely is true of a bed pillow. 

But thousands of Amazon shoppers have found a winner in the Sweetnight Pillows. Not only can you customise your support, but they’re comfortable for all sleep positions. Even better, they’re now on sale.

If your pillows are sagging and failing to give your support or comfort, then this saving on the Sweetnight Pillow could have come at the perfect time. 

Thanks to the unique 3D shape of the Sweetnight Pillows, which uses 15mm polyester, the pillows give a fluffy, feather-like feel but with bulkiness, and durability. 

With medium to firm support, scores of shoppers have revealed how they no longer have a sore or stiff neck, claiming the pillows have reduced their neck pain.

Not too hard, not too soft, shoppers have revealed how the ‘extremely comfortable’ pillows help them sleep ‘like a log’.

You can create your perfect pillow, easily adjusting the height by opening the side zipper and taking out the filling inside

The ultrabounce hollowfibre filling has gained over 570 five-star reviews, with many claiming how they ‘are soft and comfortable’ it’s ‘helped me to sleep well at night’.

 One impressed shopper wrote: ‘These pillows are ultra soft and bouncing but gives great support whilst sleeping. It feels like I’ve slept in a luxury hotel bed! Love them!’.

Another agreed, adding: ‘Was sleeping so badly and all that changed with these pillows. Able to sink into them and relax straight away.’

A third penned: ‘This is one of the best quality pillows we have purchase so comfortable and keeps their shape very soft to touch and equally soft when putting your head on them. 

‘Since we got the first 2 we went back and bought 2 more. The most comfortable pillow I’ve slept.’

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