This luxurious quilted mattress topper transforms your bed

This luxurious quilted mattress topper transforms your bed

June 9, 2022

‘Transformed my bed’: This luxurious quilted mattress topper will make a ‘huge difference’ to the comfort of your bed – and it’s on sale

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A mattress topper is a clever and economical way to get an instant sleep upgrade without having to pay a fortune for a new mattress.

If you wake up feeling achy or if your bed isn’t giving you the comfort you need, then a mattress topper is a quick way to soften up a hard mattress or add a touch of comfort to a sagging one.

And right now, Amazon has a sale on the highly-rated EHEYCIGA Mattress Topper. Now £37.39, the multi-layered mattress topper has an ultra-soft fibre filling and extra deep pockets that shoppers agree ‘transforms the bed’, so you can get your best night’s sleep yet. 

Suffering with a hard or sagging mattress? The EHEYCIGA Memory Foam Mattress Topper has a multi-layered construction to provide you with a softer and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Better yet, it has a cooling gel layer to help keep you cool and comfortable at night. 

The EHEYCIGA Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper is currently 15 per cent off on Amazon

The EHEYCIGA Mattress Topper was designed to provide an extra layer of support, softness and comfort to your mattress.

The four-layered construction has a protective polyester casing and double knit fabric with bamboo viscose that works as an extra cushion for your entire body so you can enjoy a comfortable and good night’s sleep. 

Over time, the fibre and foam in your mattress break down, which can lead to inadequate support.

If you find yourself waking with aches and pains or constantly toss and turn throughout the night, then it could be wise to invest in a topper like the EHEYCIGA Mattress Topper.

The mattress pad is made of fibre filling and complemented by a quilting process which provides you with the ultimate soft support. 

Not only does it add a pillowy layer, but the breathable construction ensures sweat-free nights. 

This is thanks to the knit fabric with bamboo viscose that maintains air circulation to avoid overheating and sweating. In short, it’s ideal for summer and hot sleepers.

This plush mattress topper is an affordable way to combat this without having to fork out hundreds of pounds for a new mattress.

The EHEYCIGA Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper has an elastic grip skirt like a fitted sheet to ensure it doesn’t move around when in place, and the wave stitching design prevents the filling from shifting around and becoming clumpy. 

Shoppers have been hugely impressed by the topper, raving how ‘it’s like having a brand new memory foam mattress’ and have agreed that it makes ‘an otherwise uncomfortable mattress very comfortable’.

Hailed ‘a game-changer’, one shopper wrote: ‘I couldn’t quite afford a new mattress, so when this came up, I jumped at the chance. This is super comfortable and really has transformed my bed. I sleep excellently on it, and wouldn’t be without it now.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Omg what a difference it made to my old mattress; it’s like having a brand new memory foam mattress. 

‘It’s amazing value, so comfortable I can’t fault it. I am having amazing night’s sleep since purchasing this topper.’

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