This exclusive wine subscription gives you a taste of Per Se at home

This exclusive wine subscription gives you a taste of Per Se at home

July 13, 2021

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Among the many wonderful aspects of dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant is knowing that both your food and wine have been so meticulously planned. A culinary masterpiece matched with sommelier-curated wine pairings ranks high on the list of life’s luxuries, for sure, especially matched with a beautiful environment and impeccable service.

Whether you savor these unforgettable meals (experiences, really) on an international vacation or in your very city, it’s not typically something most people get to enjoy every day. And while it’s definitely not easy to recreate, there’s an exclusive way to indulge in a piece of the Michelin experience right at home. 

Make yours a Michelin-starred home

The Wine Access Michelin subscription is something of a secret weapon for evoking a similar sensory experience to that of a top-rated restaurant. Unlike any wine subscription out there, this special selection of wine is delivered right to your door five times a year, alongside chef-designed food recommendations. The fact that Wine Access is the official wine provider of the Michelin Guide says a lot, and so do the somms they work with. Each shipment in the subscription — the majority of which are wines you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere — and pairing recommendations are selected in partnership with the sommelier and beverage director at a much-loved Michelin-starred restaurant, including Per Se. 

Recreate the Per Se experience 

Yes, one of the reasons Thomas Keller’s storied establishment is so sought-after is the food, but the magnitude and effect of the experience have a lot to do with the wine. If you’ve been, you already know the vast wine list includes offerings from around the world. From small producers to older wines, the selection of limited-quantity wine is downright exciting. The fact that the Per Se menu changes daily makes this even more inspiring — both for patrons and the in-house team — as Per Se sommeliers get to truly explore this global range to find the perfect complement to every flavor. 

Exclusive access to curated, hard-to-find wines

Wine Access gives you access to those sommelier-chosen wines that create such an unforgettable event, right in your home. The four-bottle shipments range from $160 to $200, including shipping. You’ll get five seasonal shipments per year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Holiday and Winter. Basically, you’ll have a distinctive and delicious way to celebrate every season and any occasion. And while Keller’s team may not be cooking for you, you’ll receive thoughtful food pairing recommendations from top culinary names with each shipment. 

If you’ve fallen in love with a certain wine (or several) during a Michelin-starred dining experience, odds are you haven’t been able to score a bottle yourself. Typically only sommeliers and beverage directors get access to these worldly wines, so this is a unique opportunity to get on the inside. When else would you get a prix-fixe menu of world-class wine delivered to your door? As a lover of Michelin-starred restaurants, you know the drill: spots are limited and reservations are hard to come by. The same goes for the Wine Access Michelin subscription box, so reserve your spot now. 

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