This Avocado Pool Float Comes With A Removable Beach Ball Pit

This Avocado Pool Float Comes With A Removable Beach Ball Pit

April 26, 2019

Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes beach season, pool season, and general lounging in a floatie season. If you’re looking for a pool float that speaks to you on a deep, emotional level, look no further than this avocado pool float on Amazon. It’s a pool float shaped like an avocado, and it is as close as you can get to straight up turning yourself into guacamole.

Props to Business Insider for sharing this good, good guac-related news with the world. Per Business Insider, the brand LetsFunny is selling the avocado pool float for $35.99. Plus, it’s listed as an Amazon Prime item. So, if you desperately need an avocado pool float in the next 48 hours, you won’t have to pay extra for shipping. Because the internet is vast and wants to enable our avocado addiction, you have a few options when it comes to pool floats shaped like our favorite green fruit. Another third-party vendor is selling what appears to be the same avocado float on Amazon for $23.99. That one is also Prime applicable. Two-day shipping on avocado pool floats for everyone!

Lest you think this just a pool float shaped like an avocado, allow me to direct your attention to the float’s removable pit. Yes, the “pit” of the avocado float is actually a beach ball. And you don’t even need to do some magic knife trick or risk slicing open your palm in order to remove the pit.

The reviews for the avocado float are pretty positive as well: it’s currently got 4.5 out of 5 stars which is high praise for a pool floatie. A few reviewers complained that the float didn’t hold air very long, but a large majority of the people who purchased it gave a thumbs up. “Takes forever to blow up,” one person wrote, “but it is well worth the wait.”

One user dubbed it the “Ultimate Millennial Pool Float” adding “I’m just sad there is no toast float to go with it.” Ah, but you speak too soon, Amazon Reviewer. While there isn’t a toast-shaped float there is, of course, a toast-shaped beach blanket. One is available via Zulily for $14.99 (plus shipping). There are even fried egg pool floats and bacon pool floats. So, you and your friends can eat a poolside brunch, and then become a poolside brunch. The future is now, and it is brunch themed.

Not a brunch fan? Over the avocado craze? OK, calm down. There are pool float options for you yet. Why not peruse Sam’s Club’s new 2019 pool floats. Their offering includes dinosaurs, llamas, unicorns, and big ass flamingos. Plus, their human-sized floats come with a drink-sized float so you and your summery pool drink can match. It’s adorable! It’s convenient! It’s capitalism working in your favor!!!

LetsFunny and other brands on Amazon also offer a bunch of different food-themed pool floats. There’s a pineapple pool float and a watermelon pool float and, wow, can you believe it? An eggplant pool float. Imagine the Instagram thirst traps you could post in that puppy.

If you’re wondering what you could possibly need a food-shaped pool float for, the answer is…ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Imagine lounging on an avocado pool float in the sweet summer sun. Imagine your crush asking for a pool float and you OFFERING THEM AN AVOCADO SHAPED ONE. Imagine literally anything. Now, imagine there is also an avocado pool float there. Doesn’t that make the imaginary scenario exponentially better? Imagine looking up how to spell "exponentially" but you’re on an avocado pool float.

The world is your avocado pool float-shaped oyster.

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