These 'male living spaces' leave LOTS to be desired

These 'male living spaces' leave LOTS to be desired

March 15, 2021

Welcome to my man cave! Twitter account showcases ‘male living spaces’ that leave LOTS to be desired – from shirts as curtains to a living room with no sofa

  • Twitter account has collated some of the best ‘male living spaces’ on Reddit
  • Photos from around the world show empty rooms with hardly any furniture
  • Highlights include shirts as curtains and a Nicholas Cage shower curtain 

Men from around the world have shared snaps of their bachelor pads – and their design skills leave much to be desired. 

The photos have been collated by Twitter account malelivingspaces.txt, which takes its name from the Reddit thread where the images were originally shared. 

The thread is devoted to ‘posts discussing, showing, improving, and maintaining’ spaces ‘where men can live’.

Some posts on the Reddit thread demonstrate a flair for interior design, but others reveal bare rooms with hardly any furniture and questionable decor. 

One man hung his shirts across his windows like curtains. Another has a bizarre Nicholas Cage shower curtain in his bathroom. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples… 

Problem solving: This man, thought to be from the US, repurposed his shirts as curtains

Definitely lived in! This man appears to spend most of his time inches from a screen

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Multi-purpose: This man doesn’t have a TV cabinet so uses a folding chair for his laptop 

It’s the simple things: This man, thought to be from the US, bragged about his bedroom

Minimalism: The owner of this apartment certainly took a ‘less is more’ approach to design

Muscle bound: This man, thought to be from the US, wanted his idols on display

Resourceful: This man, from an unknown location, used roof tiles to make a TV stand

More is more! This man, thought to be from the US, found space for four screens in a room 

Home bar: This college student from the US added a poster in place of a window 

Priorities: This room is still covered in boxes… but the TV and game console is unpacked

I’m looking at you: A Nicholas Cage shower curtain adds an alarming touch to this room

Bright and beautiful: This room is bold but maybe not to everyone’s tastes…

Two years, still no furniture: The tenant of this US apartment still hasn’t found time to shop

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