These bizarre buildings include a cat-shaped kindergarten

These bizarre buildings include a cat-shaped kindergarten

March 11, 2022

Really grand designs! Incredible photos reveal some of the most bizarre buildings you’ll ever see – from a cat-shaped kindergarten to an office block that looks like a fish

  • Amazing building photos from around the world were collated by Bored Panda
  • The National Fisheries Development Board in Hyderabad, India is appropriately shaped like a fish  
  • Furniture shop in Bogota, Colombia, is cleverly built to look like a giant chest of drawers
  • A kindergarten in Germany delighted youngsters thanks to its cat exterior, complete with whiskers  

When it comes to architecture, the variety of buildings we see on our streets is what makes the world such a rich and interesting place – but some are definitely more unusual than others.

Amazing images, taken by people from around the world and collated into a gallery by Bored Panda, reveal some of the most bizarre constructions you’ll ever see.

Among some of the strangest edifices are a multi-storey creation in Bogota that looks just like a giant chest of drawers, so it’s perhaps not surprising that curious customers who step in side will find themselves in a furniture shop.  

Another image shows a building in Milan looks like it is being opened up, thanks to a giant zipper down the side, which was added to celebrate Fashion Week several years ago. 

And in Hyderabad, India the architects behind The National Fisheries Development Board building took things very literally and created an office block that resembles a giant fish. 

It may look like a giant chest of drawers, but this amazing creation in Bogota, Colombia, is actually a furniture shop

Feline like learning! Going to school every day would have been way more fun if they were all shaped like cats, like this kindergarten in Germany

Fishy business! Whoever designed The National Fisheries Development Board in Hyderabad, India, obviously wanted to keep the structure on brand

The zipper on the side of a classic building in Milan was actually created as an art installation and advertisement by British artist Alex Chinneck for the city’s fashion week in 2019

Fancy popping in for a cuppa? If you’re going to build a tea museum, what better building to house it in, than one shaped like a giant teapot, like the Meitan Tea Museum in Guizhou, China

The residents of this apartment block in Turin get to enjoy nature on their very own doorsteps, with 150 trees growing inside the building

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Known as the ‘basket building’, this bizarre structure in Newark, Ohio, was originally built as the home of lifestyle and basket brand the Longaberger Company back in 1997

The Upside-Down House of Trassenheide, was the first of its kind in Germany. It wasn’t the last though, and there are now several more of the arty projects  in the country

Created by a renowned architect, Les Espaces d’Abraxas in France, was designed in 1978, and comprises a large complex with almost 600 apartments

Classic architecture with a twist: these pyramids in Spain have been artfully and carefully constructed, so they are upside down  

This modern cabin-style dwelling in Norway makes the most of the natural landscape, juxtaposing it with this impressive glass-encased stairway

The treehouse restaurant in Okinawa, which has now reportedly been demolished, was a popular sight in the city, thanks to its unusual design 

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