These are the London supermarkets where you're most likely to find love

These are the London supermarkets where you're most likely to find love

July 9, 2021

You’re in the dairy alternative aisle, debating oat milk versus almond, when it happens.

You both reach for the barista blend. Your fingers almost touch. Your eyes meet. It’s an instant connection.

Supermarkets have long been ripe with meet-cute potential, but as Covid hit and we went into lockdown, they soon became the only real, non-internet location where you could meet a match.

Some grocery shops are better than others.

Poundland, for example, doesn’t have the most flattering lighting for meeting someone wonderful, while Waitrose is a great spot to find someone who appreciates some fancy store cupboard ingredients.

And, it turns out, location is key, too.

New data from dating app Happn, which uses geolocation to help single people meet potential matches with whom they keep crossing paths, reveals the London supermarkets where you’re most likely to meet someone special.

This based on where the most matches have been made, so these shops are basically hotbeds for romance.

In top spot is Whole Foods on Glasshouse Street, Piccadilly Circus, followed by the Sainsbury’s Local at 38 Satton Street.

Happn also looked at the best day to visit each supermarket, so you can time doing the big shop accordingly.

While we wouldn’t recommend going out of your way just for an increased likelihood of landing a date, if you are in the market for a new shopping location or schedule, perhaps try one on this list.

Top supermarkets to land a date, plus the best day to meet singles there:

Marine Ravinet, head of trends at Happn, said: ‘The UK still has a week or so until Freedom Day 2.0, but why wait until then to find a potential Crush?

‘For many, the supermarket is a place of comfort and although the weekly food shop can often be a chore, it is also a constant and familiar activity for us.

‘What better environment to be in to cast your eye on fellow shoppers?!

‘Perhaps you will meet your Crush by the hand sanitiser… romance can be found in the most unusual of places, after all.’

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