The Weird Thing You Always Have In Your Handbag, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Weird Thing You Always Have In Your Handbag, According To Your Zodiac Sign

February 9, 2019

My purse feels like another dimension. TBH, sometimes I wonder why on earth I even carry half the things I carry with me on the regular basis. Speaking of which, I’m going to reveal the weird thing you always have in your handbag, according to your zodiac sign. I will say one thing though, and it’s that I’m not the only Cancer woman who brings her entire life perfectly packed in a tote bag "just in case." (It also doesn’t help that I’m a Cancer moon, too.) Imagine, we always "need" everything, and that’s not including the weird medicine bag I bring along with me "just in case" I get heartburn, or have a headache.

See what I mean? It doesn’t matter if it’s a hair brush, tampons, TUMS, breath mints, perfume, or a picture of your dog. You never know what you’re going to need, and when you’re going to need it. So, why not be prepared? Mind you, I sound like the biggest dork right now. I mean, I might as well bring a baby bag with me everywhere I go, right? Then again, this is where astrology comes to play, and you can’t help but laugh at the fact that I am indeed a full blown moon child. Need I say more?

Moreover, given that we’re referring to our handbags, and general necessities, I say you take a minute to look at your moon sign, before you solely base this off your sun sign, considering that’s just scratching the surface. Besides, your moon sign can help you determine what makes you feel comfortable, aka what you bring along with you in your handbag for "just incase" reasons. Also, and I’m not trying to sound like a broken record here, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared. I mean, Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag. What do you have?

Actually, I’ll tell you myself, as per your zodiac sign…

Aries: A Bag Of Chips

You’re always at a 100 mph, Aries. So, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me to see a bag of chips, or random snacks, hidden inside of your purse. Also, try not to eat so fast!

Taurus: Mineral Water Facial Spray

Like a true child of Venus, you always aim to look your best. Besides, mineral facial water is a must-have, and you’ll do anything to keep that gorgeous glow.

Gemini: Dental Floss

No one knows this, but you and your Mercury sibling Virgo have a lot more in common than you think. Also, no one likes getting food stuck in their teeth, so there’s that.

Cancer: Baby Wipes

Admit, Cancer, you have a routine, and well, you like to keep things fresh, if you know what I mean. Besides, baby wipes are also great for removing makeup. (Just make sure you always moisturize before bed.)

Leo: Evidence For Blackmail

You’re not about to be made a fool of, Leo. That’s never going to happen, which is why you deliberately bring detailed evidence with you everywhere you go, in case you were ever to experience such a thing.

Virgo: Extra Underwear

Let’s face it: You’re obsessed with hygiene, Virgo. Plus, you also make it a point to workout every single day, and you want to stay fresh in the process.

Libra: A Vintage Amulet

You love everything that’s beautiful, and family heirlooms mean the world to you, Libra. Funny enough, this is something you keep to yourself, and close to your heart.

Scorpio: An Astrology Book

You’re witchy, mystical, and obsessed with all that’s hidden beneath the surface. This is precisely why you carry a copy of your fave astrology book, in case you run into your next fatal attraction.

Sagittarius: Sleeping Mask

Whether you’re staying at a friends house, pulling an all-nighter, or traveling as per usual, your sleep mask is always a must. Although, I have heard you say the term, "I’ll sleep when I die," more than once.

Capricorn: Pepper Spray

You don’t trust people, Capricorn. It’s that simple. Besides, preparation is key, and you like to be plan ahead, even when it’s for the worst case scenario.

Aquarius: Gift Cards

I wouldn’t doubt that you collect gift cards just for the hell of it, Aquarius. Although, I’m still wondering whether or not they’ve been used, and why they’re still in your purse. Can you hack a gift card?

Pisces: Crossword Puzzles

Despite your dreamy exterior, and enigmatic persona, you’re still easily bored and prefer to stay entertained one way or another. Although, I’d genuinely love to see the genius words you come up with, Pisces.

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