The ICONIC Paris Hilton Stopped By For 'Expensive Taste Test'

The ICONIC Paris Hilton Stopped By For 'Expensive Taste Test'

August 11, 2021

Asking if Paris Hilton has expensive taste is like asking if the sky is blue. It’s like asking if birds can fly, or if Beyoncé has rhythm. There are just simple truths of the universe that we’re born knowing.

Nevertheless, we had to put Ms. Hilton up to the Expensive Taste Test challenge. Not because we have EVER doubted the refined taste of this icon, but because what’s better entertainment than making Paris Hilton sniff Kraft cheese? Nothing I tell you! She also just so happens to be the #1 requested guest for this series in our YouTube comment section. Sometimes you’ve gotta give the people what they need.

On her new Netflix show, Cooking with Paris, Paris gets culinary with guests like Kim Kardashian, Saweetie, Demi Lovato, and more. So obviously we had to give her different foods and kitchen essentials to test out. Check out the full video now to see her use that whisk! 💖 And if that’s not enough Paris for you, you can also listen to her podcast, ‘This is Paris’ on iHeart Radio.

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