The Fuchsia Rose Diamond Fetches $6.7 Million At Auction

The Fuchsia Rose Diamond Fetches $6.7 Million At Auction

April 16, 2022

The pink diamond better known as ‘The Fuchsia Rose’ officially has a new owner, as it sold for slightly higher than its estimated value in a recent auction.

According to Forbes, Christie’s magnificent Jewels held a sale at their Rockefeller Center headquarters earlier this week, which earned the company over $25 million in profit. A large chunk of the revenue came from the pink diamond, which fetched $6.7 million (despite being valued at $6 million).

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Featuring 6.1 carats of pink diamonds, the purple-pink gem sits upon a platinum ring. It’s surrounded by two colorless diamonds, which compliment tis pear shape.

“Fancy intense purple-pink pear modified brilliant-cut diamond of 8.82 carats, pear modified brilliant-cut diamond of 0.61 carat, pear brilliant-cut diamond of 0.61 carat, platinum,” a listing for the diamond by Christie’s explains.

Though it was the most expensive diamond sold at the auction, the Fuchsia Rose was hardly the only one. A 2.44 carat pink diamond ring sold for $1.6 million, while a yellow diamond ring earned $1.3 million.

There have been several high-profile diamonds going for high price tags this year. In February, we reported that a black diamond – better known as The Enigma – sold for $4.5 million in a Sotheby auction. Considered the world’s largest uncut diamonds, it featured 555 carats.

Unlike the Fuchsia Rose, the Enigma didn’t fetch as much as it was hoped it would when put on the auction block. Experts originally predicted it could go as high as $6.8 million.

Sotheby is known for its high-priced diamonds. In 2014, it sold a 12-carat diamond (known as the Blue Moon of Josephine) for $48 million, which is considered to be one of the most expensive carat-per-diamonds ever sold.

The auction house also earned $32.6 million in 2014 when it sold the Zoe Diamond, a pear-shaped blue diamond, which was only valued at $15 million at the time.

More recently, we reported that a blue diamond is set to go up for auction that could break records at an estimated $48 million value. Known as the De Beers Cullinan Blue, it’s the largest, internally flawless diamond the Gemological Institute of America has appraised with over 15.1 carats.

The diamond is set to go on sale at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Luxury Week this month. The Richest will keep you update as more information is available about this rare gem.

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