The Doomsday Clock Is Currently As Close To Midnight As It Has Ever Been

The Doomsday Clock Is Currently As Close To Midnight As It Has Ever Been

February 6, 2019

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set the Doomsday Clock for 2019, and the time sadly remains unchanged at 11:58 pm.

The world is a pretty scary place to be right now. Between the threat of war and the constantly escalating threat of global warming, we’re unsure what to worry about first. The sad fact of the matter is that when it comes to those looming global issues, there isn’t really much we can do as individuals.

We realize that is definitely not the attitude to take. Don’t get us wrong, we will continue to recycle and do whatever we can to lessen the damage we are doing to the planet. However, unless everyone takes heed of the warnings, we are all going down together. That’s why the effects of global warming continue to not only exist but gradually get worse.

That’s why the annual unveiling of the Doomsday Clock by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists made for a pretty worrying watch. The Doomsday Clock is a physical representation of how close experts believe Earth and the human race is to total annihilation. CNN reported that the Bulletin has left the clock unchanged this year, stuck at the frankly terrifying two minutes to midnight.

Yes, you did read that right, the time remains unchanged. The clock was actually set to 11:58 pm in 2018 and has remained at that time for 2019’s clock setting. You might think the time staying the same is a good sign. It’s not. The reason experts believe we are so close to complete destruction is due to the threat of nuclear war and climate change. The non-moving of the Doomsday Clock’s minute hand represents that those issues have not subsided even slightly over the past 12 months.

11:58 pm is the closest the Doomsday Clock has ever been to midnight, but it is not the first time it has been set at that time. The clock was also this perilously close to midnight in 1953 when the United States and the Soviet Union were butting heads. To think that experts believe we are once again that close to complete destruction is pretty scary. We long for 1991 when the clock was set at an unworrying 11:43 pm. Those were the days.

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