The average woman consumes 146,000 'unintentional' calories a year – equal to an extra TWO stone

The average woman consumes 146,000 'unintentional' calories a year – equal to an extra TWO stone

January 26, 2022

THE average woman consumes a staggering 146,000 'unintentional calories' EVERY year, new research has revealed.

A study into women's attitudes towards health and diets has revealed the average female aims to eat 1,800 calories a day.

However, a string of 'snacks-idents' means the average number of calories actually consumed is 2,200.

That's 200 calories more than the government recommended daily allowance for women (2,000) and 400 more than the average woman sets out to eat.

In total, 146,000 calories equates to 487 cheeseburgers, 1,825 glasses of prosecco or 608 chocolate bars.

Meanwhile, consuming 3,500 extra calories equates to 1lb of weight gain – meaning women could potentially pile on up to 2st 12lbs a year just from snacking alone.


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The survey of 1,500 women, carried out by Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup, revealed 71 per cent of women have good intentions when it comes to their health – but usually end up ditching diets.

And when it comes to triggers for over-indulging, chocolate is women's biggest downfall – followed by crisps and bread.

Meanwhile, almost half of those questioned admitted they're most likely to eat something they didn't need to eat late at night – with stress, tiredness and sadness also reasons for overeating.


The research also discovered on average women eat more than they intended to three days a week – with 42 per cent admitting they feel like they are constantly on a diet but never seem to lose weight.

Overall, more than half of British women aren't aware of the daily recommended daily calorie allowance – but three quarters say they constantly worry about their weight, thinking about it on average two hours every day.

However the average female has food on their mind more often – thinking about it for, on average, three hours a day.

A spokesman from Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup said: "Having a bowl of Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup instead of a series of snacks-idents could make a difference.

"It's low in fat and a whole can is only 204 calories. It's also one of your five a day."

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