The 5 Biggest Accessory Trends From 2020

The 5 Biggest Accessory Trends From 2020

December 23, 2020

This year saw frivolities give way to pragmatism as the world navigated COVID-19. The global pandemic created an urgent need for women to find optimal ways to function and protect themselves for most of the year — while still looking fashionable. Here, five of the most prominent pandemic accessory trends for 2020.

From left: Justine Clenquet, Saint Laurent spring 2021, By Nye. Photos Courtesy of the Brand

1. The Zoom Earring

How to express yourself when only being seen from the waist up? Enter the Zoom earring. As women adjusted to working from home, earrings became the way to inject a bit of personality to countless Zoom, Skype or video chats.

From left: Lizzie Fortunato, Presley Oldham spring 2021, and Ben Amun. Photos Courtesy of the Brand

2. The Zoom Necklace

A close companion of the statement top, the Zoom necklace also became key to establishing a digital look.

From top: Felix Grey, an ad for Tom Ford Blue block and Warby Parker. Photos Courtesy of the Brand

3. Blue Light Glasses

All that technology time leads to serious eye fatigue and possible headaches. Adjusting to the uptick in screen time can be mitigated by adding blue light filtering lenses to eyewear.

From left: Madewell, Vince, Ugg x Heron Preston. Photos Courtesy of the Brand

4. The Cozy House Shoe

Lockdown means women had to rethink their shoe game. Heels may be gathering dust but the cozy house shoe — not quite a slipper and not an everyday flat — became the standout shoe choice.

Clockwise from top left: Tequfe, Perpetual Kid, Santa. Photos Courtesy of the Brand

5-The Novelty Mask

The one accessory to define 2020 has to be the mask. While mouths and noses may need to be covered, the novelty mask — with words or a cheeky emoji — expressed everyone’s true feelings.

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