The 10 Most Expensive Bottled Water In The World, As Of 2022

The 10 Most Expensive Bottled Water In The World, As Of 2022

July 20, 2022

For many years, pricey water has been mentioned in headlines. Some items cost a lot because they are uncommon and exotic, while others are pricey because they have been purposefully made to be luxury goods. Water is a fundamental human right however water can make someone rich and wealth. It can and ought to occasionally be a treat for the senses. Similar to how different meals can provide greater and more varied satisfaction through taste, presentation, and origins, so can other natural waters. Many people assume that all water has the same flavor. And even more, people comprehend when the distinctions are described and tasted.

As water aficionado Michael Mascha explains in his books on Fine natural Waters, many raw bottled drinks of water originate from genuinely unique places. Aquifer-sourced water, glacier water, rainwater, iceberg water, and many other types of water are available in addition to uncommon varieties of natural spring water. Due to the potential costs associated with shipping, carbon footprint reduction strategies, maintaining purity, and assuring the sustainability of the sources, the price may be significantly greater than that of comparable brands. Examine the cost of the bottled waters that are now on the market.

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10 BLVD Bottled Water

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A division of the Australian luxury goods company Jon Monsir is called BLVD. Each liter of this bottled water costs $27. After realizing the potential for premium water, they sought a particular source and discovered it in spring in Tasmania’s pristine antipodean setting. The packaging targets a high-end market with a custom bottle made from premium ultra-flint glass and the brand name debossed in big letters. Only the sparkling variety is offered, and it is only sold online and at upscale hotels. Tasmania is undoubtedly a great place to source natural mineral water, even though the brand’s origin story may not have quite the same impact as the grizzled entrepreneurs behind brands like the nearby King Island Cloud Juice, made with rainwater. However, the packaging has undergone severe effort.

9 Berg Bottled Water

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Only a few iceberg water companies, including Svalbari and Berg Water, charge $46 per liter and are still operating today. They painstakingly gather individual iceberg fragments from the water, much like Svalbari, just before they melt and disappear forever. They don’t travel quite as far since they collect from icebergs that have floated down from Greenland and are melting in the waters near eastern Canada. A small local industry that produces beer, vodka, and bottled water from iceberg water has grown in Newfoundland. Because it is made from icebergs, the berg is highly deficient in minerals. They produce a less expensive plastic version of their famous glass container for its unusual packaging.

8 MINUS 181 Bottled Water

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From an artesian well in northern Germany 181 meters deep, MINUS 181, which costs $50 a liter, is produced. The website indicates that the water may be available in other local stores, but Fine Liquids in Germany is the only location a buyer can get it. They come in a peculiar-looking 681ml bottle made by Riedel, a 1756-founded business famous for its wine glasses. This is consistent with the fact that they provide a unique gift box that contains custom glasses. Additionally, they are one of the select few drinks of the water that utilizes the chic Vinolok glass cork enclosure.

7 ROI Bottled Water

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The most intense tasting water on our list and maybe in the globe is ROI, which costs $59 per liter. They advertise their product as having the most awesome magnesium content globally, in addition to water as the solution to dehydration, which gives an insane punch. Martin Riese, a water sommelier, once compared it to two alka-seltzers. The company’s origins date back to 1647, according to a source supporting the myth that Apollo ordered his winged steed Pegasus to pound the ground, which caused the spring to erupt. They assert that the intense mineral composition has a variety of health advantages. Then they make it a sophisticated, custom-made bottle with seriousness and beauty that perfectly complements such a heavy and historical beverage.

6 Uisge Source Bottled Water

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The only water sold for whisky pairing on this list is Uisge Source, which costs $94 per liter. Appropriately obtained from several of Scotland’s natural springs to go with the country’s world-famous whiskies. The Uisge Source can be found on the country that has a lot of rich rappers, UK. It cheats on the list because it is sold only in a little 100ml water bottle, which unavoidably results in a higher price per liter for a premium special-purpose product. However, we’ll give them a break because they’re doing something unique that merits being included on a list like this.

5 Ô Amazon Bottled Water

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Amazon Air Water is the only high-end brand that draws water straight from the air, which costs $110 a liter. They also do this from the wilds of the Amazon, where the trees already naturally filter the humid air. Mist waters collect the water that forms when fog condenses on nets or other surfaces, but the Amazon uses a different method. They screen the ambient humidity before passing it through excellent coils to reduce the water, allowing them to collect it in tanks for bottling. Due to the technique, it has a very low TDS because it has never touched the ground.

4 Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water

The Svalbari from Norway is intended to be the first fully comprehensive premium water brand, with a liter costing about $185. Unlike competitors at this pricing tier who have primarily focused on selling garish packaging. Svalbari is being produced in the country with a floating highway and is a unique iceberg source from the northern fjords of Svalbard, light-as-air taste, stylish design, and eco-mission make the brand so enjoyable to them. The bottle’s tactile writing and sustainable wood cap entice a buyer to take it up and explore it. Being the northernmost water in the world comes with a steep price. It is challenging to gather icebergs just before they melt into the seas surrounding Svalbard, located 78° north of the North Pole. Premium supplier procurement is necessary for bottling in packaging deserving of the source.

3 Bling H2O Bottled Water

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The most perfect example of a brand that is almost entirely focused on the bottle and seldom mentions the water itself is Bling, which retails for $219 per liter. Created by a Hollywood producer who spotted an opportunity to provide celebrities a novel fashion piece by adorning a frosted bottle with Swarovski crystals. The source was previously listed as a spring in Tennessee that has been processed in nine ways on the old website but is currently listed as a spring in California’s San Diego County. It is the only American water to appear on the list, in any case. Despite placing less emphasis on the water source, they are upfront about the company’s image and were among the first two notable companies to achieve a true premium price range when the company was established in 2005.

2 Nevas (Design Edition) Bottled Water

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Nevas Water, which costs $1180 per liter, was first only available in the country famous for their luxurious castles, Germany when it was introduced, but it has now expanded worldwide. Even as far away as the South African distributor Origin Floe. By only selling sparkling, they are obviously going after the celebration market as a substitute for champagne. Nevas describes itself as the first premium cuvée water in its water qualities. This phrase used in the wine industry frequently represents a premium blending of wide varieties of grapes. It refers to the combination of two separate water sources used by the Nevas. Two hundred-year-old artesian wells in particular, although it was unable to determine their locations or the overall TDS concentration. Michael Hemling, a tea and water sommelier blogger, praises them as a celebratory product and revels in their robust carbonation.

1 Fillico Jewelry Water

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Fillico, sometimes known as Jewelry Water, is the most extravagantly designed water brand available and costs $1390 per liter. It started in Beverly Hills, California, in 2005 and was aimed at Hollywood celebrities, just as Bling H2O. After a year, they started selling in Japan, where they have lived ever since. Their website talks about the high caliber of the water they get from Nunobiki Water, a renowned source near Kobe, Japan. According to them, tea ceremony masters and chefs seek out. Fillico has always had a dizzying variety of distinct designs that constantly change. The plan, which includes Swarovski crystals, gold trims, glitter wings, and other extravagant features, is ultimately the primary driver of the pricing and is highlighted almost exclusively on the company’s social media.

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