Texting your ‘number neighbor’ could lead to a crazy conversation

Texting your ‘number neighbor’ could lead to a crazy conversation

August 6, 2019

Won’t you be my “number neighbor”?

There’s a new trend that has picked up steam over the last few days among social media users.

People are texting complete strangers — or in internet speak, their “number neighbor” or “textdoor neighbor.”

In other words, they’re messaging phone numbers that are identical to theirs except for the last digit — which is one greater or one less.

The hope is to find a modern-day pen pal and to forge a digital connection.

But the result of blindly texting random people has produced mixed results — at least according to screenshots of recent text message exchanges posted on Twitter as part of the Number Neighbor Challenge or with the hashtag #NumberNeighbor.

One new graduate of Milpitas High school in the Bay Area discovered her number neighbor was actually the sister of a classmate — and, as a result, had attended her graduation.

But things got awkward when 17-year-old Bibiana Arredondo reached out to her over-40 number neighbor, who cautioned not to give personal information away to strangers.

A California high school soccer player named Brooke Wheaton captured an exchange with her number neighbor, Nancy. Brooke lamented that her car had broken down, and Nancy replied that she had recently started work at a Honda dealership and could hook her up with a good deal on a new car.

If another exchange is to believed, a college student studying mechanical engineering in Ohio received some R-rated replies from a self-described grandpa who recalled his late wife’s lovemaking.

One skeptic of the trend sent number neighbor hopeful Kylie Larson a dismissive “Austin Powers” meme of Dr. Evil making finger quotes with the word “MILLENNIAL” at the bottom.

And there’s at least one person out there waiting for their number neighbor to text them so that they can zing back with a “Simpsons” meme.

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