‘template’ created for purchasing a ‘deep enough’ toaster

‘template’ created for purchasing a ‘deep enough’ toaster

February 11, 2019

Using his loaf! Father makes a cardboard cutout slice of BREAD to take shopping to make sure his new toaster is deep enough – and the idea sends Twitter into meltdown

  • A songwriter shared a template her friend’s father used to shop at Currys
  • Sumudu posted a photo of a cardboard cut out on Twitter used to buy a toaster
  • She explained that the bread template was made in order to buy a deep toaster 
  • Her post went viral with many labeling her friend’s father as a genius 

An ingenious solution to the problem of finding a toaster that’s just the right depth for a perfectly browned slice has finally been created. 

Sumudu from London took to Twitter to share a photo of a cardboard template her best friend’s dad had made to take with him when shopping for a new toaster in Currys. 

He cut it to the height and width of his preferred slice after getting fed up with toasters not being deep enough, and Sumudu said she wished she’d thought of the idea herself.  

The vocalist and writer received a flood of responses to the post – which has racked up more than 7,800 likes, with many people praising the idea and sharing their own struggle to find the right sized toaster.

Sumudu from London took to Twitter to share a photo of a cardboard template her best friend’s dad had made when shopping for a new toaster, and the post has since been liked more than 7,800 times

Sharing the template on Twitter, Sumudu said: ‘My best friend’s dad made a template of toast to take to Currys because he was sick of toasters not being deep enough. 

‘It’s labelled and everything! Wish I’d done that’

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One impressed commenter wrote: ‘Is he posting his findings? Will save time for lots of people and I for one would appreciate it’

Another added: ‘Glad to know my dad isn’t the only person who’s ever done this.’ 

A stream of responses praised the father who had the idea of using a cardboard piece of bread to test toasters

Others revealed they have taken an actual slice of bread to the shops to measure toasters when searching for a new appliance.

Another said: ‘I’d like to arrange a conference between bakers and toaster manufacturers to come up with an agreed size. 

‘Always too narrow or too deep. Your friend’s dad is onto a winner there though.’ 

A number of contributors to the thread confessed they had taken a slice of bread along to stores when shopping for a toaster

Another user sparked a debate over which way the bread should be put into the toaster.

He wrote: ‘Is there a debate to be had on which way it goes in. I’ve always been sideways but my other half thinks this is weird and wrong. Obviously the template works either way.

One person said: ‘My life changed when I started putting the bread in sideways.’

Another added: ‘I’ve definitely used a toaster in the past where the bread wouldn’t fit in sideways!’ 

Others debated if placing a slice of bread sideways could resolve the problem of struggling to find a deep toaster

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