Teething Baby Bites Woman's Face in Hilarious Viral TikTok Vid

Teething Baby Bites Woman's Face in Hilarious Viral TikTok Vid

October 6, 2020

Baby shark do-do-do-do-do-do.

Teething is a very uncomfortable time for babies… and sometimes, for other people too.

One woman was reminded of this the hard way on Sunday when she became the unwitting co-star of a viral video.

TikTok user @itsmekells shared the clip of a female relative happily cradling newborn Pooda, oblivious she was about to become the target of an attack.

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“I can’t not hold him” she tells the baby’s grandmother — and almost instantly regrets it.

Without warning, a ravenous look suddenly flashes across the youngster’s eyes, as he lurches forward, bites down on her lip and latches on.

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The woman screams in equal parts pain, shock and laughter as she tries to pry the tot off, who simply refuses to release his grip.

As the woman writhes in the chair, trying to free her face while also being careful not to harm the little fellah, the room does absolutely nothing to help but laugh uproariously.

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“Let me go!’ she yells, finally managing to leverage the tiny snapper off her mouth, now filled with a healthy dose of baby drool.

“What in the world… look how he be looking,” his grandma chuckles, and indeed little Pooda has an undeniable expression of satisfaction across his tiny brow.

The video has already been watched almost 1.5million times, and has earned the youngster many nicknames, including baby vampire, baby zombie and of course…. baby shark.

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