Teens claim their strict parents control every aspect of their lives

Teens claim their strict parents control every aspect of their lives

January 7, 2021

Women in their late teens and early 20s claim controlling parents BAN them from listening to music without supervision, owning a phone or leaving the house alone in shocking TikTok thread

  •  Teens shared claims that their strict parents control all aspects of their lives
  • 19-year-old TikToker from Minnesota revealed how controlling her parents were
  • Said she was not allowed to use social media or phone without supervision 
  • Another claimed she was not allowed to listen to music with explicit lyrics or rap 
  • One said bedroom window had bars even though she was on the second floor

Teens have shocked the world with video claiming their strict parents controled their life. 

The unnamed girls, from the US, shared video on TikTok claiming they had very strict parents who monitored what they wore, listen to, their friends and the messages they sent. 

One 19-year-old from Minnesota claimed her parents make her use the app Life 360, a family safety service which allows members of a family circle to see where the others are at all times. 

Another claimed she has bars on her window even though her bedroom is on the second floor, while a third who is 17 says she can’t listen to rap music and that her parents demand her password so they can go through her phone. 

Participants claim they were making the TikTok videos in secret and deleting the app from their phones afterwards, prompting horrified viewers to say the parents were abusive and that their children should try to escape. 

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An unnamed 19-year-old college freshman from Minnesota has revealed the strict rules her parents put her through

The student said she could not message her friends or be on social media without her parents going through her messages

The discussion was prompted by a user who asked people to post videos, saying: ‘Tell me you have strict parents without telling me you have strict parents.’

After explaining she was 19 and a college freshman, the student claimed: ‘I’m not allowed to have my phone or my laptop up in my room past 9 o’clock. They have to be downstairs unless I’m doing homework.’

She went on to say she’s not allowed to have social media, and that her father fully controls a Facebook account she had created to find a college roommate – not letting her post anything on there. 

‘I can hardly hang out with people, especially if it’s like new people that they’ve never met before. Making friends and hanging out with them is hard,’ she added.

In a TikTok video, the teen explained her grades dictated a lot of what she was allowed to do, and that her parents controlled her finances

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Claiming her grades determine a lot of things in her life, she added her parents requested that she keep her geolocation on at all times on the family safety app Life360.

According to the student, even her fashion choices arent her own. 

She said: ‘I have clothes I can and cannot wear, and my mom refuses to buy any kind of fancy lingerie or anything like that.’

She finished by adding that her father regularly looks through her phone, which includes the messages she sends and the pictures she takes.  

‘He controls everything in my life like my bank account, which I do not have access to and he can get all emails that I get sent to him,’ she said. 

People were horrified by the teen’s claims, with some worrying she was being raised to have no agency in life 

In a following video shared a day later, she explained she was able to send the viral video to TikTok because she has social media accounts that she hides from her parents by deleting the apps from her phone before handing it in at 9 o’clock. 

Another girl filmed her own video claiming her parents are equally strict, and take her phone away for a month if they ever see her using it without a case. 

She was only allowed to use the popular picture-based app Snapchat from this year. 

Other teens claimed their parents were strict on Tiktok. One, left, claimed her bedroom window had bars, even though it was on the second floor and the other, right, said she could not listen to rap 

Like the girl from Minnesota, she claims her mother goes through everything on her phone. 

She then showed that her bedroom window had bars – potentially to discourage her from sneaking out – even though she lives on the second floor of her parents’ house. 

Another girl claimed she was not allowed to listen to music with explicit lyrics or rap, and said she had to give the password to all her electronic devices and accounts to her parents so they could go through them. 

Many of the 3.8million people who watched the video from the college student sympathized with the student, with some saying they had gone through the same thing with their parents. 

‘It’s weird and it makes life really hard. My parents would dead*** not let me hang out with anyone they didn’t know. And then would refuse to meet anyone. My mom straight told me she wasn’t interested in meeting my friends. Made s*** impossible,’ one said. 

Others said the girl’s family situation was really ‘sad.’ 

‘This is so sad. These women will have a hard time with agency later on and making decisions as these parents traumatized them into thinking they need guardians all the time,’ one wrote. 

‘that’s actually kinda sad, ‘another said. 

Some criticized the parents for the way they were raising their daughter.  

‘I’ve never heard of life 360. It sounds like hell for these adolescents/young adults,’ another said, addressing the app the teen’s parents used to monitor her every move.  

‘Think some of this stems from viewing women/girls as property therefore extremes are taken to “preserve virginity” aka uphold the family’s honor. For others tho it’s just a total power and control mindset,’ one said. 

‘I swear people have kids just so they can have something in their lives that they know they have control over,’ another wrote.  

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