‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Sean Proposes To Jade & Leah Gets Exposed To COVID-19

‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Sean Proposes To Jade & Leah Gets Exposed To COVID-19

May 28, 2021

Jade had a surprising reaction after Sean proposed to her during the May 25 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

Are those wedding bells we hear? Eh, not quite. While Jade Cline revealed that Sean had sort of proposed to her during the May 25 episode of Teen Mom 2, she didn’t fully accept the ring from him nor did she give him an answer.

After producers reviewed footage from the proposal, which viewers never got to see, we were told that Sean proposed to Jade and told her that she didn’t have to give him an answer. In fact, he said he didn’t even want an answer (maybe because he knew she’d say no?) — he just wanted her to know he intends to stick by her for the long haul.

Then, when Jade and Sean told a friend the “good” news, she couldn’t believe that Jade didn’t give Sean an answer. She said if it was her who had proposed to Jade and Jade didn’t give her an answer, she’d take the ring back. Jade just laughed. And she also said she’d make Sean sign a prenup if they ever did get married, and he didn’t seem to thrilled about that. So for now, the 3.5 carat diamond ring is still sitting in its box, tucked away, waiting for Jade to wear it. Will she ever? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Leah Messer was forced to quarantine after Jeremy Calvert tested positive for COVID-19. Their daughter, Addie, was visiting him, and Leah picked her up and brought her back to the house, so she and the twins feared they had also potentially contracted the virus. Because of it, they regularly tested themselves and filmed alone at home, but by the time the episode ended, it wasn’t clear whether or not any of them got sick, too. Leah did joke, however, that if she or the girls got sick, she’d punch Jeremy.

Later, Briana DeJesus introduced her new boyfriend (and now-fiance!!!) to the camera, and his name is Javi. But no, it’s not Javi Marroquin. This Javi is a tattoo artist, who seems like a real winner –can you sense my sarcasm? Anyway, upon arrival at the tattoo parlor, Briana bugged out over the idea of introducing yet another man to viewers, even though she had already introduced him to her own children, but eventually, she eased up and went through with filming the scene while getting a new tattoo on her arm. Javi didn’t say much, but Briana’s friend revealed they had already been dating for nearly six months.

Finally, Ashley Jones was busy planning a surprise party for Bar to celebrate his GED, but his mom ruined it when she told him all about it (shocker). And Kailyn Lowry helped Isaac find an interest that he likes, so he doesn’t end up looking at porn on his cellphone — interior designing his bathroom in the new house. However, when she presented tile options to him, he didn’t like any of them and she was surprised to hear his own vision for the room — he wants bright blue tiles on the wall. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea?

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