Tea Time: 7 Most Expensive Teas Of All Time

Tea Time: 7 Most Expensive Teas Of All Time

November 17, 2021

Studies show drinking tea provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. What began as an accidental discovery in China has crossed the globe and brought millions to enjoy their daily cup of tea. We think of historical events like the Boston Tea Party, in which the British Government raised taxes on importing tea, leading to the American Revolution.

Thoughts of afternoon tea and a small snack in many British countries come to mind, and in America, we enjoy occasions of dressing up, sitting down with a group of women, and spending time together over a cup of tea. No matter what your memory or pull toward the drink is, teas come in many different flavors and varieties, prompting some connoisseurs to find the most expensive or exotic brands and locations in which the specialty drink is brewed.

We don’t think of it as a luxury product. You can pick up a package at your local grocery store, but for the ultra-rich, chasing down some of the most obscure varieties can command some pretty high prices.

Check out some of the most expensive teas in the world today.

7 Tienchi Flower Tea – $90.72 per Pound

One of the most expensive specialty teas is the Tienchi Flower. Known to assist with those suffering from insomnia and allergies, tea lovers are more inclined to spend when they believe in the detoxifying qualities and ability to squash dizziness, as well as boost the body’s fluid levels. The Chinese have been known to use the product, which looks like broccoli florets, to heal boils and blisters, but tea connoisseurs may like it for the initial bitter tastes and sweet aftertaste.

6 Gyokuro Tea – $325 per Pound

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The Gyokuro tea has a sweet taste, thanks to a unique process during harvest. The plant is grown in the shade and comes in two different flavors, Minami and Gyokuro Supreme. The shade allows amino acids to increase in the leaves, making them sweet, with a nice smelling aroma. Tea collectors may know of this one as Jade Dew Tea and enjoy the complex flavors. It contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals as well as a healthy dose of caffeine and amino acid.

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5 Tieguanyin Tea – $1,500 per Pound

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Want more bang for your buck? The Tieguanyin is a blend of green and black tea, dating back to the Fujian province of China in the 19th century. According to News By Tea, the leaves can be re-used up to seven times before they lose their flavor and hail their name from the Buddhist deity, ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’.

4 Yellow Gold Tea Buds – $3,400 per Pound

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Only sold in Singapore and considered to be one of the rarest in the world, TWG Tea actually paints 24-carat gold on each leaf after being collected. Once only served to Chinese emperors, anyone can order a 50-gram box for roughly $529. The plant is only grown on a single mountain in China and, according to Ventured, is harvested once per year with golden scissors. In addition, the gold paint is edible and thought to increase healthy properties in your system.

3 PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag – $15,000 for one tea bag

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Originally, Pre-Gestee in 1930 had a product named ‘Digestive Tea’, but PG celebrated their 75th anniversary with a name change (PG Tips) and a fancy take on their signature drink. A diamond-studded tea bag with Silver Tips Imperial tea was designed and sold to benefit a British children’s charity. The bag features 280 2.5-carat diamonds and a thin, white gold chain for brewing. Silver Tips tea is produced at the Makaibari Tea Estate in India.

2 Panda Dung Tea – $35,000 per pound

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Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like – tea leaves fertilized using the dung of panda bears. This tea reportedly contains many healing properties and benefits because pandas only absorb 30 percent of the nutrients in their diet. This means, 70 percent of the nutrients end up in the dung or extremely healthy fertilizer for your tea. According to Sencha Tea Bar, the tea is produced by a wildlife expert in the Sichuan Province of China and is described to have a nutty flavor and sweet aroma.

1 Da-Hong Pao – $28,000 per .5 Pounds

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The extremely rare and national treasure of the Chinese culture, Da-Hong Pao is often reserved for special occasions in Asian countries. Cut from what the Chinese call ‘mother trees’, the original trees, grown in the Wuhi Mountains in southeastern China, have been considered endangered – not picked since 2005. While the scarcity of the product drives the cost to skyrocket, the tea is said to have a floral aftertaste and healing properties. Cuttings from newly planted trees can go for $350 per one-pound bag.

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