Tattooed dad with hundreds of ink shows snap of what he looked like 11 years ago

Tattooed dad with hundreds of ink shows snap of what he looked like 11 years ago

October 31, 2022

A dad wowed his Instagram fans with a throwback snap which showed him with no facial tattoos.

Remy, from Canada, usually shares updates to his ink progress on social media where he has over 202,000 followers.

He begun his transformation back in 2001 where he opted for his first ever facial piercing.

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Now years on, he's spent an eye-watering £75,000 on ink with a further £87,000 on his piercings and jewellery.

So the last time Remy was completely bare-faced was over 20 years ago.

Posting on Instagram, the dad-of-one shared a throwback snap of when he got his first facial ink.

He wrote: "It's been 11 years since I got my first face tattoos. 2011-2022.

"According to what 'they say' I should be a failure with no prospects and no future right now.

"But instead I'm a father, a husband, and I've owned my own home for a decade, all the while never sacrificing my desires to appeal to this toxic idea of 'society'.

"I really hope I don't disappoint any one still believing in such hateful old stigmas, but it turns out being happy and doing what you want works out after all, who knew?"

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The photo shows Remy with a unique hairstyle and just his facial piercings with a star tattoo on his cheeks.

Now in the photo from him today, the body modification fan has a different hairdo with ink on parts of his scalp.

His post scooped almost 5,000 likes since it was shared around six days ago on Instagram.

One fan praised: "But seriously tho, there's 0 wrong in being yourself. Everyone gonna hate cause they're only worried about what you're doing instead of themselves."

Another added: "I got my first two face tattoos this year! Thanks for the inspiration."

A third commented: "You are never a failure! Those people are way to scared to be themselves and feel the sheer need to put all the fears on others.

"No matter how you look if you love yourself it doesn't matter what others think!"

And a fourth chimed in: "Love your old hair! Amazing improvement though."

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