Supermarket workers reveal what they REALLY think about shoppers with brutal honest confessions | The Sun

Supermarket workers reveal what they REALLY think about shoppers with brutal honest confessions | The Sun

June 19, 2022

SUPERMARKET workers have shared what they really think about shoppers in a series of brutal confessions.

Employees from Tesco, Morrison's and Sainsbury's opened up about how they really feel about store policy, pointless banter and what it's like to hear customer's make ill-timed quips about their jobs.

The anonymous confessions were made before the pandemic hit, however they may still ring true for some of the workers today.

One Sainsbury's worker made a number of revealing secret thoughtsknown with some sarcastic insight.

Their statements included: "We have to ask you if you want help with packing", "never ask me if my shift is over soon" and "we know you know what 10 items or less means".

The worker, who was not named, added pieces of mind such a"no, it's not free if it doesn't scan" and "shall I tell off your child for you?" – referring to when a kid is out of control but the parent appears clueless.


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Thinking about the difficulty of recalculating items on the go, they asked shoppers to "never say: 'Oh actually, I've got the 3p'".

They said: "You're not being helpful because it complicates everything.

"Once we've put in the till what you've given us, you can't give us extra because that would mean calculating in our heads what change to give you back."

A Tesco worker on the other hand also hand a number of brutal comments.

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They said: "My lunch isn't a free Tesco meal deal, let me assure you", "I hate the self-service tills more than you" and "the dread of asking for someone's ID – and then finding out they're 30 anyway".

Speaking about their uniform, the staffer said: "The Tesco fleeces are so incredibly comfortable".

When it comes to knowing where everything in the store sits, a Morrison's employee said even they get stuck, Kent Live reported

They said: "Sometimes I don't even know where things are."

One of the work perks is getting some down time when no one comes in: "We hide in the warehouse when the store is dead".

They also want you to know: "Facing up and stock rotation is the worst job known to man", "if you huff at me, I'll go slower" and "yes, I do have to pay for my lunch – stop asking".

The shocking thoughts come as Iceland shoppers were left fuming after heading to stores for its 1p sale only to find bargains were online only.

In an offer launched this morning, a range of products were up for grabs at a discounted price – but some customers didn't realise it wasn't available in store.

Shoppers are having to make tough choices as the cost of living crisis reaches new heights.

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