Summer solstice spiritual meaning: What does the summer solstice mean?

Summer solstice spiritual meaning: What does the summer solstice mean?

June 20, 2019

The summer solstice marks the day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky for the year – in Latin, solstice literally means “sun standing still,” which references the sun’s place in the galaxy on this day. The solstice has been celebrated since time immemorial and is one of the earliest astronomical observations in human history. But the summer solstice is about more than just scientific observations — for some the solstice has spiritual meanings that many celebrate.

The summer solstice arrives tomorrow, on Friday, June 21, and is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The solstice’s spiritual meanings have been recognised around the world since ancient times.

And ancient monuments are thought to have been built to align with the Sun during the solstice.

The most famous of which is Stonehenge, a 5,000-year-old stone circle in Wiltshire, England.

Cultures around the world continue to hold midsummer festivals to take part in ancient summer solstice rituals.

Midsummer marked the beginning of the summer season connected to bounty, abundance of food and beauty.

Our ancestors spent the entirety of spring cultivating the land and restocking themselves with food.

By the time the summer solstice took place, they were finally able to take a rest and relish a period of comfortable ease.

The solstice continues to be marked by uproariously festive celebrations and feasts, with nearly every single culture above the Equator line finding their own unique way to observe this lively moment.

It is important to note that while the sun lengthens each day leading up to the summer solstice, the night also begins its campaign to dominate daylight when this seasonal shift takes effect.

So the summer solstice also serves as a climactic point in our yearly journey through the seasons.

The solstice is also a reminder that we should appreciate beauty while we have it, as beauty will one day end.

This makes Midsummer the ideal time to fully embrace everything that you love about life.

Summer passes before you know it and by the time the solstice end, a significant section of the season has already passed.

There can appear too little time to obsess over insignificant details, fruitless struggles, or negativity.

During the summer solstice, the sun is shining bright, love is in the air, and the world is pregnant with pleasure and indulgence.

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