Star stylist can do celebrities’ hair in just 15 minutes

Star stylist can do celebrities’ hair in just 15 minutes

March 20, 2019

Celebrity hairstylist Ricardo Rojas — who was spotted helping Katie Holmes try on extensions from his new line at the opening of Hudson Yards last week — told Page Six Style that the clip-ons are “to create a look, not because someone needs it.”

“It’s because I need to accomplish a look with the dress or the look we are going for that red carpet,” he continued.

Rojas, who has worked with Mariah Carey, Donatella Versace, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Campbell, said his job is about being on the go. “You’re not in the salon; sometimes I will do hair when we are on the way to the carpet,” he explained.

“You are booked for one or two hours, but you end up doing it in 15 minutes. Sometimes they are coming from somewhere and you have to be able to deliver. Or sometimes they are really fashionably late. You just have to deal with it. It’s showtime.”

The process itself also happens quickly, he said, giving us an example of getting Hilary Swank ready for a recent event. “It’s like you see the dress, you talk about everything and we get into the options. Everything is super instant.”

Rojas’ new hair line uses yerba mate extract and includes products ranging from shampoo to a serum. He previously worked with famed stylist Oribe in the ’90s, doing the hair of supermodels, and would like to see that style come back.

“Velcro rollers,” he told us. “They need to come back. I love [that look] from the ’60s, the beautiful bouncy hair. It was sexy.”

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