Spoilers: Shaun's alive as Claudia escapes with Elly's baby in Neighbours

Spoilers: Shaun's alive as Claudia escapes with Elly's baby in Neighbours

May 25, 2020

While Elly (Jodi Anasta) is stuck behind bars she doesn’t have a clear idea what Claudia (Kate Raison) is up to on the outside, or what her plans really are with baby Aster in Neighbours – she’s planning on doing a flit. Could the return of Aster’s supposedly dead father change everything?

Or could he be the one to help Claudia skip the country?

Elly has a fair idea that Claudia probably doesn’t plan on just handing the baby back at the end of her stint in jail, so she’s enlisted Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) to keep an eye on her little girl, and she’s about to find out just what a good idea that was.

Chloe is proving herself to be a perfect little spy as she continues to dig for info on Claudia and just at the moment Aaron (Matthew Wilson) tries to get her to stop, she cracks into a big secret about the slippery woman.

Gullible David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron are lured in by Claudia’s lies when she offers them the chance of adoption and they truly believe she plans to help them. Of course it ends in tears and bribery, and the lads tell Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Bea (Bonnie Anderson) what she’s done. As if they needed it, it’s yet more evidence Claudia is dodgy. Slowly they are bringing together a clearer picture of how bad Claudia is.

But their realisation may be far too slow, as she feels the net closing in, she starts to panic and makes her next, awful move.

Aaron, Bea, Susan and Chloe realise Claudia has done a bunk with Aster and now it’s critical they track her down before she gets too far.

While all this is going on, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) uncovers something about Elly’s sentencing that could mean he has enough to get her freed. Can he save her from Andrea and get her out before Claudia disappears with Aster altogether?

While Bea and co are on a wild goose chase, Claudia arrives at her private jet, ready to take off for a new life with her little granddaughter in tow, leaving the country and life as she knew it well behind her for a new life in Switzerland.

But as she reaches the plane door, she’s stopped in her tracks by the appearance of a mysterious figure. It’s Shaun – he’s back from the dead.

Scenes air from Monday 1st June on Channel 5.

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