Spoilers: Karl evicted as Susan sees red over money scam in Neighbours

Spoilers: Karl evicted as Susan sees red over money scam in Neighbours

April 26, 2022

Karl Kennedy’s (Alan Fletcher) happiness at his investment is about to be very short lived indeed in Neighbours. What he thought was a wise financial move will prove to be very costly, and not just in money.

Fashion Week finally arrives and as proceedings get underway the police turn up early to arrest Montana (Tammin Sursok). While this is bad news for Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) after all of Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) scheming, it’s devastating for Karl – who has poured his and Susan’s (Jackie Woodburne) life savings into Montana’s business.

Life savings to the tune of $200,000 dollars that is, and you can imagine Susan’s reaction when she learns the exact amount they have lost. She discovers Montana is insolvent and unleashes her full fury on Karl. After promising her the Earth, now they have nothing left.

Karl tries one last ditch attempt to get their money back, but it does no good. Susan is outraged and will not let Karl forget what he has done.

She is so angered at his lies in fact, she sends him packing. As far as she is concerned, he no longer has a place under her roof. Losing their entire fortune is the final straw.

Karl is desperate and has nowhere to go, so ends up sofa-surfing with Paul. Not so surprisingly, he turns out to be the housemate from hell, which ends up working in his favour as it makes Paul determined to fix the Kennedys’ marriage and get Karl out from under his feet. He calls on Jane to help, but they have one huge barrier – Susan. She is by far not ready to forgive. Will she ever be, or is this it for them?

Scenes air from Monday May 2 on Channel 5.

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