‘Spending £60k on plastic surgery was worth it – I feel sorry for normal people’

‘Spending £60k on plastic surgery was worth it – I feel sorry for normal people’

April 14, 2022

A woman says splashing out £60,000 on plastic surgery has been a smart investment.

Jazmyn Forrest believes she’d be “working in McDonald’s” if it wasn’t for her glamorous transformation.

The 24-year-old, from Sydney, Australia, has forked out £30,000 for multiple boob jobs, £25,000 on liposuction and at least £5,000 on regular Botox and lip fillers in the last six years.

And her makeover is far from complete as she has a forehead reduction, butt injections, veneers and a nose job in the works.

Jazmyn believes her Barbie-like appearance has helped her to live like a million-dollar socialite.

She’s attracted a sugar daddy and surrounds herself with rich friends in order to live a “princess lifestyle”.

Jazmyn, who got her first procedure done aged 18, said: “At a young age, I realised that that the prettier girls just did better in life.

"When I started using fake tan and make-up, I was treated differently and got more attention.

"I did try doing normal jobs but it was so hard. If you look good, people just give you stuff.

"I know it sounds lazy but I've always wanted the princess lifestyle where stuff just gets handed to me so I know I needed to use my looks.

"I started using sugar daddy websites as a teen and when I was eighteen, I got a random person online to pay for my first boob job.

"I just sent him some photos and he sent me the money for a boob job. It was that easy.

"When I was nineteen, I got liposuction all over my body and face and I started getting Botox and fillers too.”

Jazmyn continued: "I'm clever with my money. I would rather spend money on surgery than on a handbag because it's an investment. Looks help you get ahead…

"Any woman who is beautiful can achieve success. I easily live a six-figure lifestyle because of my looks.

"Because of all my cosmetic surgeries, I have rich friends who spoil me and a sugar daddy who lets me live in his million-dollar house and pays for everything now. I don't need a job.

"I do look at normal people my age and I feel bad for them. I would definitely be working in McDonald's if I didn't have all my surgery."

The plastic surgery fan shares snapshots of her lifestyle on TikTok, where she has more than 190,000 followers.

While she is very open about the procedures she’s had done, she doesn’t reveal much about her sugar daddy who is a very “private person”.

Jazmyn, who admitted her wealthy lover spent £25,000 on her boob job, added: "I live in an amazing home with him and I don't have to dishes or cook. He pays for my holidays, designer clothes and all my surgery.

"He paid for my for my second boob job last month and my trip to Los Angeles to get it done. I've been to Disneyland every day whilst I've been healing and that's all funded by him.

"But I could easily find someone else to look after me if I needed to because of my looks. There are so many guys out there who are willing to look after a girl like me."

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