Someone Is Abandoning Cats In Closed Containers Around NYC

Someone Is Abandoning Cats In Closed Containers Around NYC

December 16, 2018

The buckets holding these cats are completely sealed shut and inescapable.

A SoHo neighborhood in New York City, New York has been the area for two acts of animal cruelty. Currently, the New York Police Department is investigating the issue. The Huffington Post reports that two cats were found sealed inside buckets that were abandoned in the streets.

Both of the cats were entirely unable to escape from the sealed buckets. They are, however, both now safe and being kept at an animal shelter called Animal Haven. The executive director of Animal Haven, Lacey, came forward to reporters at Huffington Post expressing what condition the cats were in when found.

“…two buckets and both were sealed. Each one had a cat in them and both cats are safely at Animal Haven now. They were left to go out with the trash and were only found because they seemed suspicious.”

According to that same employee, the person responsible is abandoning the cats in areas that are not easily noticed and “would be hard to find” since the drop off spots so far have been blending in with the trash set out on the sidewalks. The two cats have most certainly been through quite a lot, as the employee at the animal shelter also noted. However, they are currently doing very well despite having skin irritations and injuries. Lacey said that the cats are “still scared” and are currently awaiting further and more extensive examination from the veterinarian. One of the cats is named Sage.

“The buckets snap shut tight. You can’t just pop [them] open. We had to use pliers. There is no way a cat could escape.”

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Anyone unable to care for their pet, or who has any need regardless of the explanation, is encouraged to surrender the pet at a shelter by calling or reaching out to animal shelters or rescue groups. Under no circumstances should the animal be dumped on the street, emphasized Lacey.

The Humane Society‘s website has a page dedicated to spreading awareness, factual information, and statistics about animal cruelty. They also note on that webpage that “most cases are never reported.”

“Unlike violent crimes against people, cases of animal abuse are not compiled by state or federal agencies, making it difficult to calculate just how common they are.”

The report shows that cruelty and neglect have no economic boundaries and are common in both rural and urban areas. The most commonly reported cases of animal cruelty and neglect are among dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

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