Social media users share mind-bending photos

Social media users share mind-bending photos

April 27, 2022

Enough to make you do a double take! Social media users share mind-bending photos that play with perspective

  • An Instagram account has collected mind-bending photos shared online
  • One snap shows a cow that appears to be shooting flames out of its rear end
  • Elsewhere a newsreader appears to be peering straight into the living room 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when an odd snap leave you speechless? 

The Instagram account, Weird Images Worth Seeing has rounded up a collection of mind-bending moments caught on camera, with the best examples collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.

One snap shows a human knee that perfectly resembles a baby’s face, while another one appears to show a newsreader peering out of a TV and into a living room. 

Elsewhere, a photobombing dog makes it look like a baby was born with the canine’s large triangle ears.  

How many drinks? You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d had a few the first time you look at this mind-bending snap 

Excuse me, I was speaking! One news anchor appeared to break the fourth wall by dodging a doily placed over the screen

Heavy night? An unfortunately placed magazine made it look like this woman was very worse for wear

What am I looking at? At first glance it looks like a frisbee, but really it’s a ripple caused by a slap to the stomach 

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Are you seeing what I’m seeing? It looks like this man has a baby’s face on his knee 

Excuse you! One cat appears to be protecting its sister’s modesty with a well-placed paw

Was it something he ate? A fire in the grounds behind this cow make it look like it’s having serious stomach troubles 

Ear you are! A photobombing puppy made it look like this baby had giant ears on his head 

Who will you choose to believe: the demanding signs to keep the cats in, or the pleading cat tapping on the door?

Flaunting their figures! Two men at the airport appeared to be showing off more than they had bargained for 

Barking mad! This husky was clearly terrified when a man dressed up and tried to pet it  

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