Sleeping in waterproof mascara wrecks lashes, warns expert – here’s how to shift it without damage

Sleeping in waterproof mascara wrecks lashes, warns expert – here’s how to shift it without damage

May 14, 2021

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There’s nothing better than a mascara that lasts all day: come rain, shine or emotionally draining episode of This Is Us. However, this superior staying power can be a nightmare to remove.

Considering the lazy girl “leave it on” method? Beware. According to consultant dermatologist Dr Emma Craythorne, this can actually cause serious damage to your lashes.

“It is important to remove waterproof mascara every day as if left on it can cause the lashes to dry out and increase in brittleness,” warns Dr Craythorne.

“It also means the lashes are more likely to snag or get pulled out so removal is essential.”

Before you get scrubbing, it’s super important to treat this area delicately. Did you know the skin is ten times finer than anywhere else on your face? This means that if you apply too much pressure or tug a little too hard you could wind up causing damage.

The secret actually has nothing to do with the technique, instead it is all about the ingredients.

“Waterproof mascara will need a special base to dissolve and to remove it – water-based is not going to work,” explains Dr Craythorne.

We recommend opting for a micellar water, which has been designed specifically for this job.

Loved by makeup artists and celebrities everywhere – including the Kardashians – the OG Bioderma Hydrabio Hydrating Micellar Water is our go-to for removing even the most stubborn mascaras. Simply apply it to a cotton pad and wipe over your eyes.

A 500ml bottle will normally set you back £19.50, but you’ll also find that full-size version included in this month’s OK! Beauty Box – another good reason to sign up here to the £7.50* first box deal! You’ll get £80 worth of skincare products for that bargain price.

If you want to pair it with an eco alternative to single-use cotton pads, try Face Halo HaloTech fiber face sponge, £18 here for three. It works with micellar water to loosen your makeup with its clever strands – 100 times finer than human hair – to get to grips with removing even stubborn mascara.

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Just remember to follow up with a full cleanse afterwards – this is a great place for your gel or oil-based cleanser, as it will lift any remaining particles to leave you squeaky clean.

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